10 Cheap Apartment Decorating Ideas

Moving into an apartment can be expensive with deposits and other costs, so here are 10 cheap decorating ideas to give your apartment some style. You don’t have to be especially creative to make an apartment feel like home. You just need a few decorating ideas.

  1. Find some fabric and use it to choose the main colors for your apartment. When using paint and fabric in a room, get the fabric first and then match the paint to it. One of the best decorating ideas is to use two neutral colors with one more intense hue for pops of color in pillows, artwork or rugs.
  2. Paint on the wall, even one wall, if your landlords allows. Paint lends itself to lots of cheap decorating ideas. You can paint a design on a wall instead of putting up artwork. You can even paint a headboard on the wall behind the bed.
  3. Buy used or inexpensive pieces of furniture. Buying a couple of good pieces, especially a bed and a good couch, are worth it if it fits into your budget.  Get other furniture used, from online classifieds, consignment stores or garage sales. Paint it, if necessary, to make it cohesive with your other furniture. Other decorating ideas include buying director's chairs for extra seating or using a bench as a coffee table and then you can use them outside later on.
  4. For accessories, shop discount stores. Adding accessories to your apartment can eat up your budget. Buy lamps, books, candles and picture frames at discount stores. Adding texture to a room with these accessories is one of the often overlooked cheap decorating ideas.
  5. Get some plants to add an organic touch. Decorating ideas for plants include putting them in front of a window with a lousy view, adding them to a sterile bathroom and adding a lush feel to a boxy living room.
  6. Use alternatives to artwork. Instead of paintings, hang mirrors, which make the space look bigger. Find an interesting panel of fabric and stretch it over a frame, stapling it on the back. One of the best cheap decorating ideas for walls is to buy an art book at a second hand bookstore. Take the book apart carefully and frame the pages. When you group them together as a collection, it can be a real conversation piece and reflect your personality.
  7. Hang some curtains. If you need some decorating ideas for your windows, try this one. Hang a sheet on clips and then slide the clips onto a rod. To make the window look larger, hang the rod at least a foot higher than the top of the window frame. One way to keep from hemming is to put the curtains on the rod then hold the rod up and simply hang them so that the curtains are just 1/2 inch above the floor.
  8. Cover it with a rug.  Most apartments have wall to wall carpeting, and it may not be in the best shape. Cover it with an area rug or have a carpet store bind a carpet remnant for you. An area rug can pull together a seating area and also make you feel more comfortable about sitting on the floor.
  9. Light it up. Lighting makes all of your other decorating ideas look better. Dimmer switches are cheap and easy to install. Add canister lamps on the floor behind plants or furniture to provide a dramatic uplight.
  10. Use floating shelves for storage. Instead of investing in a big piece of furniture, hang inexpensive floating shelves on the walls. Store items in storage boxes, baskets or cool containers and place them on the shelves. In a kitchen or bathroom, use recycled jars. Paint all the lids with metallic paint to unify them. Then store dry goods, spices, soaps, cotton balls or cotton swabs in them.
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