10 Cheap Beach Destinations In America

If you've ever wanted to take a beach vacation but can never have a lot of money, well this list of top ten cheap beach destinations may be exactly what you need. Many people think that they need to go to far away places to get a good beach vacation. Although there is nothing like a great exotic vacation to the beautiful ocean side of Jamaica, there are many places in America that you can go to and have a great beach vacation. Here are a few locations:

  1. Virginia Beach, VA. This beach is a major crowd pleaser and is located in Virginia, right on the east coast.
  2. Daytona Beach, FL. This beach is very crowded around spring break time and basically at any other time as well. It is located in Florida.
  3. Long Beach, CA. Here you can catch a couple of movie stars and so many skimpy bikinis. This beach is located in California.
  4. Jones Beach, NY. This beach is located in New York. This is one of the major attractions in The Big Apple.
  5. Atlantic City Beach, NJ. Not only can you enjoy the beach but also the array of casinos and the boardwalk that is located near this beach. This is located in New Jersey.
  6. Boqueron Beach, PR. The scenery at this beach location is breathtaking. This is one of the more popular beaches in Puerto Rico.
  7. Carolina Beach, NC. This is where families come to fish and enjoy the slowness of nature. This beach is located in North Carolina.
  8. Ballston Beach, MA. This is where you come when you want to catch the wave. This beach is located in Massachusetts.
  9. Cannon Beach,OR. You can relax on this beach or you can turn around and hike up the mountain and look at the beautiful beach. This beach is located in Oregon.
  10. Old Orchard Beach, ME. At this beach you can take in the beautiful Rocky mountains. Beautiful sites for a beautiful vacation, it's very romantic. This beach is located in Maine.

All of these beaches are very easy to get to. They are either a short plane ride or train ride away and if you really want to see the country side, then a quick car ride.

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