10 Cheap Car MP3 Players

If you’re sitting around twiddling your thumbs trying to decide on the perfect car MP3 player, this article about 10 cheap car MP3 players is just what you need. Each cheap car MP3 player on this list is affordable and quality built. 

  1. Pyramid AM/FM CD/MP3 Player with Detachable Face For less than an evening at the movies, this multiple-faceted audio unit not only includes a MP3 player, but also includes an AM/FM tuner and a CD player that is CD-R and CD-RW compatible. The detachable face is a good theft deterrent and single DIN mounting applies.
  2. Pyle AM/FM-MPX Radio CD/MP3 Player with USB and Flip Down Detachable Face This unit features include an anti-theft detachable face, AM/FM Multiplexing 2 band radio, MP3 player, high power 200 watts, 30 station memory, remote control, clock and CD/CD-R/CD-RW compatibility. With this unit you get a lot more than what you pay for.  
  3. Legacy AM/FM CD/MP3 Player with Detachable Front Panel For the cost of a dinner date, this unit can provide hours of your favorite music while on the go and is packed with nice features. Refurbished unit complete with AM/FM tuner, MP3 Player with CD, CD-R, CD-RW compatibility, illumination in the dark display panel, LED security light and anti-theft detachable front panel.
  4. Lanzar AM/FM MPX CD/MP3 Player with Flip down Detachable Face This full stereo system features include anti-theft detachable face, in-dash CD MP3 player, digital clock and auxiliary input line. This unit has a cheap price, but the unit manufacturer splurged on the extras.
  5. Lanzar AM/FM-MPX CD/MP3 Player Receiver with USB Interfere and SD/MMC Card Reader This car MP3 player's features include anti-theft flip down detachable front panel, AM/FM 2 band radio, 30 station memory, LCD digital display, clock and remote control.  This is a great buy.
  6. Pyramid AM/FM-MPX CD/MP3 Player with Fold Down Detachable Face This car stereo unit includes anti-theft fold down detachable face, LCD display, wireless remote control, AM/FM-MPX 2 band radio and CD/MP3 player.
  7. Pyle AM/FM- CD/MP3 & SD/MMC/USB with Bluetooth Wireless Technology This car audio unit is packed with features that include AM/FM tuner, CD MP3 Player, anti-theft motorized slide down detachable face, CD-R/CD-RW compatibility, 30 station memory, remote control and face plate carrying case With this unit you can have the extra features without the extra cost.
  8. Solam SL-826 2GB Car MP3 Player This budget-conscious car MP3 player comes equipped with remote control, MP3 and WMA (Windows Media Audio) compatibility, color OLED screen and USB cable.
  9. ZHY T85C 2GB Car MP3 Player For an inexpensive car MP3 player, this unit can easily fulfill your needs. Some of the standout features this unit possesses include built-in FM transmitter, four functional keys, remote control, MP3 and WMA FM modulator with USB port and audio input, built-in 2GB flash memory and USBcable. This unit strikes just the right note: affordable quality.
  10. Solam SL-706 4GB Car MP3 Player The key features of this MP3 player include dual OLED screen, remote control, MP3 and WMA compatibility, all FM frequencies and USB cable. Your pocketbook will be singing when you take this unit home. 

These are just 10 cheap car MP3 players, and there are many more than this article can list.  Hopefully, this article has whet your appetite to complete the search for the best 10 cheap car MP3 players.

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