10 Cheap Dates Ideas: Denver

Dating in Denver is already hard enough without the bad economy, but this list of 10 cheap date ideas for Denver will be sure to help you save money and go on a great date.

  1. Hiking. Even if you and your date are not the outdoors type, this date idea is cheap, and there are plenty of places to hike near the Denver metro area. Pick a trail that will be easy enough for the two of you to enjoy and pack a picnic. Bringing your own food is less expensive than dining out, and other than the cost of fuel, it will be your only expense.
  2. The Denver Art Walk.  If you or your date are into art, go experience the Denver Art Walk on the first Friday of every month. The Art Walk is completely free, and you and your date can dress up, explore the galleries and sample some free finger food.
  3. Botanical Gardens. The Denver botanical gardens are cheap, $13 in the summer per person, or $12 in the winter. There are a number of exhibits and events, and a nice walk around the grounds will be peaceful and allow you to spend some quality time with your date. Just be sure to pick a day that will have good weather, as it would dampen the trill of your cheap date if it rains or snows.
  4. Cheap Drinks. Get cheap drinks in Denver with your date by finding a venue that doesn’t serve food and bring your own. No kitchen may mean cheaper prices on drinks. Just call ahead to be sure that it is okay to bring your own food.
  5. Luxery Cars. Dress up in some fairly nice clothing and head to different car dealerships around Denver to test drive your dream car and other luxury vehicles.  Masquerading as a potential wealthy car-buyer with your date can be highly amusing, and the thrill of driving a Royce or Benz can’t be beat.
  6. Mercury Café. The Mercury Café in Denver is a great place to enjoy a cheap date. The café offers free and inexpensive dance classes, and the cover for dance nights is low-cost as well. Try swing dancing on Thursday or learn to Tango on Friday. Sundays also offer free poetry slams, and the only thing you will have to pay for is parking.
  7. The Butterfly Pavilion. For less than $10 per person, you get to explore the exhibits and visit with butterflies, making it a cute, cheap date idea for the Denver metro area.
  8. The Denver Food Rave. Take your date to the Denver Food Rave in May. Buying your admission tickets now will cost $10 each, and door admission will be $15. In addition to food tasting, you can expect dazzling live Jazz music, live culinary arts, The Denver Food Rave eating competition, as well as the Bing Energy Drink art of mixing championship.
  9. Game Night. Enjoy a night in together by getting together drinks, snacks, and board games. Invite other couples or friends for a fun group experience, or spend the night alone. Either way, it’s a cheap way to spend time together and have fun.
  10. Amateur Night. Find a coffeehouse, bar or comedy club that hosts amateur nights, which are generally cheap for admission. You might even be able to get on stage during open mic nights to belt out a tune, read poetry, or try a comedy bit of your own.
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