10 Cheap Exotic Cars

Here is a list of 10 cheap exotic cars. Cheap and exotic don't normally go together, however, due to a little thing called depreciation, there are indeed exotic cars on the market that can be had for relatively cheap prices.

  1. Dodge Viper. This V-10 beast of a vehicle is arguably the most exotic car Dodge has ever produced. It was so popular that it is slated for a 2012 re-release. You can find them used for as cheap as $25K.
  2. Acura NSX. The sleek Acura NSX with mid engine placement and rear wheel drive was the first vehicle to sport an all aluminum monocoque body. The Acura NSX actually served as design inspiration for a not so cheap exotic car, the Mclaren F1, according to designer Gordon Murray. An NSX can be found on the used market for around $50K.
  3. Corvette Z06. The top of the line Z06 costs roughly $45K, a great deal and cheap considering the performance specs are on par with other more expensive exotic cars such as the Ferrari F430. This car is American muscle at its finest.
  4. DeLorean DMC 12. Anyone who has ever seen the "Back to the Future" series of films will definitely be familiar with this exotic car. This is a very exclusive exotic car (approximately 9,000 were produced) that can be found in the $30-40K range.
  5. Lotus. Compared to most exotic car makers, Lotus offers their vehicles for relatively cheaper prices. The British carmaker produces mostly roadster style vehicles that are available in the $50-75K range brand new off the lot.
  6. Jaguar XK8. Available as a coupe and convertible, the Jaguar XK8 currently runs about $30K for a model that is several years old. Its sleek elegance and racing heritage make this cheap exotic car affordable, yet luxurious.
  7. Mercedes S600. The flagship Benz ranks among the best selling luxury sedans in the world and as such, they are readily available in the used car market for significantly lower than the original manufacturers suggested retail price.
  8. BMW 6 Series 650I. The 6 Series is one of the most exotic vehicles BMW makes and is available in coupe and convertible versions.
  9. Maserati Cambiocorsa Coupe. Italians are known for the exotic car production and Maserati is no exception. The Cambiocorsa is a beatiful looking vehicle that can be had for around $60K.
  10. Aston Martin DB7. If you're interested in riding in style a la James Bond, the DB7 could be the car for you. This Aston Martin can be found for under $50K on the used car market.
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