10 Cheap First Date Ideas

Being a little cash-strapped doesn't mean that you have to put your dating life on hold, as long as you're willing to try out one of these 10 cheap first date ideas. The key to a great cheap first date is finding activities that are inexpensive without seeming cheap. Here are some cheap first date ideas that you can use to help woo her without breaking yourself.

  1. Take her on a hike. Not only is hiking free, it's also a great way to show off your manly stamina and strength. Since it's a first date, don't take her anywhere too secluded or you risk making her feel vulnerable and uncomfortable.
  2. Take her to your work. This one really only works if your job is interesting. If you're an astronomer working at one of the largest telescopes in the country, it's a great way to show off. If you're an insurance salesman, even if you're the best at what you do, it might not be such a great idea.
  3. Invite her on a picnic. If you pick the right spot, picnics are incredibly romantic, and since you have the option of making the food yourself, they're cheap too.  If you can't even manage to make decent sandwiches, pick some up at a local deli or grocery store. Just make sure you know whether she has any dietary restrictions first.
  4. Take her to an arcade. If you sense that she's still a bit of a kid at heart, this one's a no-brainer cheap first date idea. Not only will she have a blast playing the video games with you, but arcades are also a fabulous place to people watch. Chances are, you'll have a first date to tell your grandchildren about.
  5. Take her to a swap meet.  Most women love to shop, and swap meets are filled with interesting people and things. You can talk and laugh together all afternoon without spending a cent.
  6. Finish a project. If you know that there's something she's been working on, like painting her apartment or cleaning out her garage, offer to help her. Not only is it free, but you come off looking like a hero. For extra points, bring over some sandwiches and beer.
  7. Take her to a dance class. Dance classes present a great opportunity to hold her close without making her uncomfortable on a first date, and Salsa, Swing Dancing, and Ballroom Dancing classes are usually relatively inexpensive.
  8. Take her downtown. Whether you live in a big city or a small town, there must be a center of things.  Take her there and walk around together. It's a great opportunity to talk and people watch. If things are going well, splurge for a drink at an inexpensive pub.
  9. Take her to a free local event. Most cities and towns have free events, especially in the summertime. Check out whether there are free outside movies screenings or free jazz concerts in the park in your area.
  10. Make her dinner at your place. This one is best if you're already friends. A woman you've just met might feel uncomfortable going to your home on the first date. If you're already friends, it gives you a chance to impress her with your culinary skills. If you don't have any culinary skills, get one of your friends to help, or buy prepared food from your local grocery store.

Most women aren't mentally calculating what you're spending on them during a first date. They're most interested in seeing whether you can make them comfortable and happy. As long as you find the right cheap first date idea for the two of you, there's a good chance it'll lead to a second date.

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