10 Cheap Gadgets For Men

Below are ten cheap gadgets for mean. All men love having gadgets, that is no secret. But let’s face it most gadgets are not very budget friendly. These gadgets for men are not only cheap, but ones that they will love and get full use out of.

  1. A digital meat thermometer is a great cheap gadget for the man who loves to barbecue. Not only is the digital meat thermometer a cool and cheap gadget to make sure your meat is always fully cooked, but you can also use it to flip your steaks over!
  2. A portable USB storage device key chain is a terrific cheap gadget for any man to have. It is a great way to keep any digital information within arm’s reach at all times. Most of them are very well disguised, in case you want an easy way to transport information without everyone knowing.
  3. Portable speakers are a cheap must have gadget for all men who are music lovers. If you have any sort of music player then this is a great way to share your gadgets with those around you. Portable speakers can also be so small that while still offering great sound they are small and convenient enough to be a key chain! You can also get folding portable speakers or ones similar to computer speakers just smaller.
  4. Men who love gadgets usually have a laptop, but most would probably love the cheap roll up keyboard gadget to go along with it! This keyboard is made so that it can be rolled up and can easily travel anywhere you would like it to go! It is a USB keyboard so it can work with your home computer or your laptop. This gadget is a great way to get the full size keyboard on the go.
  5. The perfect cheap golfing gadget for men is the digital scorecard! This gadget is able to keep the score of four players over eighteen holes, and has a built in clock. It also has a shock resistant case, so while this gadget is cheap it will not easily break.
  6. One cheap gadget that every man wants to experiment with is the MP3 mixing deck. Well now you can have a cheap portable mixing deck gadget so you can let out your inner DJ anywhere! If you look around you may even be able to find a cheap two-port mixing deck.
  7. Another gadget that men would love to play with because it is so cheap and so different is the pet camera. It is a small light weight camera that you attach to your dogs collar. It comes with 8 MB of internal memory so that you can see what your dog really does when you are not home, or just watch life from his view. The camera connects to your computer through the provided USB cable.
  8. Are you a man who has a boring office job and is dying for cheap gadgets to add some excitement to your cubical? Try getting yourself a mini fridge that is powered by a USB cord. Most USB fridges are only large enough to hold a can of soda, but you will still be the envy of the other office gadget lovers.
  9. If you want a cheap gadget that offers a bit more excitement, then the mini foosball table is just the thing for you! This table may not be small enough to hide in your desk drawer but it is still small enough to easily travel with.
  10. For the men who are always so busy you don’t have time to remember the small things, try the sound activated key chain. The key chain is equipped with a light and an anti-loss device. Can’t find your keys? Simply clap your hands and the key chain will beep to lead you right to it.
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