10 Cheap Muscle Cars

The 10 cheap muscle cars are produced from well known car makers such as Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. With today's gas prices these muscle cars might not be as cheap as they were back in the sixties. Back in the day, if a car was American made, had a V8 engine and came in mid-size or full-size, it was considered a muscle car. Below are ten cheap muscle cars.

  1. Plymouth Barracuda: Well known for having major power under your butt, the 1969 Plymouth Barracuda is a cheap muscle car. A heavy front end and manual steering are what make this classic muscle car unique. The Barracuda can also hit speeds of 114 mph and go from zero to 60 in 6.6 seconds.
  2. Ford Torino Cobra: An icon model for the year 1970, the Ford Torino Cobra is another one of the cheap muscle cars. This model is known for the lower roof line than past models. The Cobra only came in the sports roof model, but it came with a four speed transmission and a black flat hood and grille.
  3. Chevelle SS 454: Another one of the cheap muscle cars is the Chevelle SS 454. This powerful muscle car was able to hit top speeds of 105 to 108 mph. Bulging fenders were built on this muscle car to show the power roaring inside the engine. 
  4. Dodge Super Bee: The Dodge Super Bee gained a reputation as one of the cheap muscle cars. The Super Bee had stylish bee stripes and a chrome grille.  Chrysler made an even larger monster Bee in 1970 with a 7.2 liter V8 engine but that was its last year of production.
  5. Ford Galaxie 427: Known as a car with "Total Performance," the Ford Galaxie is another one of the cheap muscle cars. The 1963 Galaxie could deliver 425 horse powers at 6,000 rpm and get up to 95 mph in a fifteen second quarter mile. Because of the way the hood was built any type of engine could be placed inside this muscle car.
  6. Chevrolet El Camino: Known to give the most performance for the least amount of money, the Chevrolet El Camino is also one of the cheap muscle cars. The 1973 El Camino made many performance changes to give this muscle car the best performance. An increased length of car, bumper positioned turning lights and new grille were a few of the upgrades.  
  7. Ford Fairlane: Made by Ford and known as an affordable race car, the Ford Fairlane is also one of the cheap muscle cars. The Fairlane has a four speed manual transmission and a V8 engine that can pound out 355 horse powers. The body of this muscle car was well known for its "coke bottle" shape and hardtop design.
  8. Dodge Dart 413: With its debut price in 1962 at $350, the Dodge Dart 413 is also a cheap muscle car. Called the "Max Wedge," the Dodge Dart engine had two four barrel carburetors. This muscle car was a mid-size car with the power of a full-size car.
  9. Plymouth Duster: An improved version of the Valiant became the Plymouth Duster which is one of the cheap muscle cars. Even though semi-fastbacked vehicles are rare for American muscle cars, the 1975 Plymouth Duster was still a fun ride. The Duster was a two-door instead of four-door vehicle and maintained the body of the Valiant.
  10. Chevy Bel-Air: The 1956 Chevy Bel-Air came loaded and was still known as a cheap muscle car. An increase in size and an upgraded grille were additional features that were added to the 1957 model. The dual exhaust and V8 engine still gave this cheap muscle car a smooth racing feel.
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