10 Cheap Places To Visit In October

Listed below are ten cheap places to visit in October. In the early fall, weather is still considered somewhat nice at home, and many vacation destinations realize that people are reluctant to pay high prices for getaways when their own backyards are comfortable, so they often offer lowered rates. Following are some great, cheap  vacation destinations for October that will not stress the wallet.

  1. Florida. In October, people who live up north or in other parts of the country that are subjected to cold weather, making them want to visit the warmer regions  have not yet gotten their doses of winter. Many top attractions in Florida offer discounted prices through fall because of this reason, so for a great in-country vacation, consider visiting Florida.
  2. Bahamas. The Islands of the Bahamas rely on winter and spring travel from tourists, and many top all-inclusive resorts have lower rates in October. Consider a great fall vacation in the Caribbean here.
  3. Riviera Maya, Mexico. The resort area found south of Cancun has great October rates. With dozens of great activities, from sightseeing to beachgoing and fishing, the Caribbean coast of Mexico should be a top travel consideration in fall.
  4. Bermuda. Located in the Gulf Stream, Bermuda stays warm year round. October rates are cheaper than they are during the coldest months, so for golfers, fishermen, and others, this should be a great fall getaway place.
  5. Jamaica. Resort companies such as Sandals have great travel deals here in October. For great culture and spectacular scenery and whether, try Jamaica in the fall.
  6. Antigua. Another great destination in the Caribbean, Antigua's all-inclusive resorts have great deals in October. Located in the Southeastern part of the sea, lodges that cater to vacationers thrive in this tropical paradise.
  7. Virgin Islands and Caribbean cruises. Most cruise companies have the lowest rates in fall. The warm summer has come to a close, and people are getting used to cooler weather, meaning that many of them are not quick to go on cruises, making rates lower. Check with any Caribbean cruise company for a great, cheap vacation in October.
  8. Spain. As fall approaches in Western Europe, rentals at hotels, lodges, and personal villas are much cheaper than they were just months earlier. Look into Spain for a great European fall vacation.
  9. Italy. Like with Spain, October is not the most popular month for tourism, and rates are lower. Plan a discounted trip to Rome in fall to experience magnificent culture and people.
  10. Costa Rica. All in all, October may be the very best month to visit this Central American place, based on the costs of travel. It is the best month to do whatever you want to do (as so much is available) in this wonderful country.

The ten cheap places to visit in October that are listed above make for great fall getaways. As travel is not as costly during this month, the perfect trip may be available at a favorable price at any of these locations.

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