10 Cheap Travel Destinations In Europe

Travel to Europe can seem financially daunting, but with the right research and planning it is possible to really stretch your budget to include all the sites of each place you choose to visit, particularly the following 10 cheap travel destinations in Europe.  Some destinations, by nature are more affordable than others; on the whole, Eastern Europe is rising in popularity as a travel destination and remains considerably cheaper than Western Europe.  Here are some highlights of 10 cheap travel destinations in Europe, a few to introduce you to some lovely cities in Eastern Europe and some old standards we all know and love from the west.

  1. Berlin, Germany. The city's depressed economy has made this a cheap travel destination in Europe as the prices are kept much lower than in other large European capitols. Much is can be seen by walking around town and you will find a good deal quick—cheap food to grab on the street and eat in any of the beautiful parks around the city
  2. Prague, Czech Republic. One of the most popular tourist locations, Prague is also one of the cheapest destinations in Europe. Known as the City of a Hundred Spires, the gothic architecture is one of the biggest draws of this city, and taking it all in is completely free! Many of the popular museums also have very inexpensive entry fees, or are free at various times of the day
  3. Amsterdam, Netherlands. While there are other cities cheaper overall than Amsterdam, the capability to see this city in a very inexpensive way is so great. It is a city for biking, so transportation is extremely cheap, as you only need rent a bike for a few Euros a day. Additionally, due to the laid back nature of the city, there are many deals to be found here.
  4. Bruges, Belgium. Very close to many other top travel destinations in Europe, Bruges is a great city as one of the cheapest destinations due to its location. Though prices can be high on some things, if you stick with the Belgian made goods, you can spend very little money.  Namely, Belgian Frites, antiques, chocolate and beer!
  5. Madrid, Spain. Famous for its cultural and historical heritage, while in Madrid you’re not going to want to miss the architecture and the museums. Madrid is one of the cheapest destinations in Europe due to the multitudes of outdoor activities available while walking around town. Don’t miss the El Rasto flea market for the ultimate shopping deals.
  6. Budapest, Hungary. As Hungarian cuisine by nature is fast and cheap, you’ll find plenty of food here in a modest price range.  Budapest lives up to its reputation as one of the cheapest European destinations with steals on food, lodging and transportation. Additionally, it just happens to be one of the most romantic cities in Europe as it straddles the picturesque Danube River.
  7. Cinque Terre, Italy. A small corner of Italy on the Northwest coastline, Cinque Terre is one of the most unique and quaint spots in Italy. It is not highly visited, keeping the costs down. It also offers a great deal of variety since Cinque Terre (which means “five lands” in Italian) is five small towns which you can easily travel between on foot or boat. From small pizzerias, to street gelato, to crystalline beaches, Cinque Terre is one of the most lovely and cheapest destinations in Europe.
  8. Lisbon, Portugal. One of the most charming but underrated European capitols; Lisbon is also one of the cheapest European destinations. Friendly and laid back, you will find deals on everything from lodging to food to shopping.
  9. Athens, Greece. Though Athens is a highly traveled tourist city, it is still one of the cheapest capitals in Western Europe. Here you can find lodging often between 30 and 50 Euros. And, as it is easily traveled on foot, the transportation is equally inexpensive.
  10. St. Petersburg, Russia.  Though it has somewhat of an opulent reputation, many of St. Petersburg’s treasures are, in fact, either free or very inexpensive.  St. Petersburg can be one of the cheapest destinations in Europe if you go to admire the winding canals, the architecture and the artistic culture. 
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