10 Cheap Travel Destinations In May

In spite of the downfall of the economy you and your family still want to travel, so check out this list of 10 cheap travel destinations in May. By checking out these cheap travel destinations, you can travel smart and save a few dollars.

  1. Mexico is very cheap this time of year. The rush of spring breakers have all gone home, and prices tend to take a nice dip for you to save money, and avoid the  rowdy crowds of college spring breakers. You can find all-inclusive deals, which include air, food, and resort fees for around $600 for an entire week. You cannot get better than that, plus you get to avoid the noisy crowds.
  2. Cozumel, which is a small island off of the main land of Mexico is also a relatively cheap travel destination in May. As with Mexico itself, the island is not as crowded, and all spring breakers have gone home. Hotels and resorts lower their prices to accommodate for the slower month by capturing the attention of budget savvy travelers. It's the best time to catch a really sweet deal on a relaxing tropical vacation.
  3. Grand Bahama Island has always featured some spectacularly low prices, no matter what time of year it is. May is no exception; you can find all inclusive resorts for under $800. The island is larger than Nassau, but has less of a population. Even during their busy season, the island seems empty. This paradise is a wonderful cheap travel destination.
  4. Barbados is another tropical island getaway that you can book for really low prices in May. You can find hotels for less than $60 a night.
  5. Grand Cayman is a wonderful spot for diving and snorkeling, and in the month of May you can find really spectacular steal deals on hotels and resorts. You will be able to find hotels for less than $150.00 per night. If you go all inclusive in May, you can save even more. The price will include food, air, and drinks. To really save money in May, all-inclusive is the way to go, no matter where you go.
  6. Montego Bay, Jamaica has always boasted spectacular pricing, no matter what time of year it is. Even peak season are low in price. For the month of May you can expect to find deals as low as $180 per night, and less if you go all inclusive.
  7. St. Martin You can also find cheap places to stay here during the month of May. Prices vary from $150 and up during this time of year, which is relatively low.
  8. Oahu Island, Hawaii may not seem like a spot that would offer cheap travel destinations for the month of May, but believe it or not you can visit this tropical paradise for under $200 per night. Most resorts and hotels have inclusive deals to check out as well, which will save you even more money.
  9. Florida Keys, FL is also a lower priced destination for the month of May. They have tons of resorts and hotels to chose from all within a reasonable price for the month of May.
  10. New York City You can stay just about anywhere for really cheap prices, and there is something to do just outside your door. The city that never sleeps is sure to be a hot destination for those on a budget.
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