10 Cheap Travel Destinations In South America

You don’t have to be rich or fluent in Spanish to enjoy these 10 cheap travel destinations in South America – just culturally savvy and open to the possibility of eye-opening adventures.

  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Does life get any better than this? Likely not. For its cosmopolitan ambience, great food, and excellent accommodation – all of which comes for a stunningly low price – we nominate Buenos Aires as the number one cheap travel destination in South America.
  2. Cali, Colombia. Colombia’s third largest city is the best travel destination in South America for nightclub enthusiasts.
  3. Lima, Peru. Culinary freaks flock here to sample delicious Peruvian cuisine, served up cheap in the city’s restaurants.
  4. Montevideo, Uruguay. While it might not be South America’s most beautiful capitals, it is certainly one of its cheapest.
  5. Santiago, Chile. Santiago is recommended for sophisticated travelers with a wealth of interests. Using Chile’s capital as a base, you can explore riveting nightlife, sandy beaches and skiing in the nearby Andes Mountains all on the same trip.
  6. La Paz, Bolivia. You can explore La Paz’s world-class museums for less than one dollar.
  7. Chicama, Peru. This fishing port is known for being the most surfer-friendly cheap travel destination in South America.
  8. The Andes, Chile. For ski enthusiasts, the Andes are the most promising cheap travel destination in South America.
  9. Trujillo, Peru. Trujillo is home to a number of impressive archeological remains. Food and lodging is particularly inexpensive in this part of Peru.
  10. Chapada dos Veadeiros, Brazil. This is one of the more popular cheap travel destinations in South America for hiking enthusiasts. For a small fee, you are able to hire a guide who will lead you through twisting forest paths towards idyllic waterfalls, canyons and scenic vistas.
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