10 Cheap Used Cars In Germany

Germany is one of the top car manufacturers in the business, making our list of 10 cheap used cars in Germany both practical and viable. Buying pre-owned vehicles is a wise, budget-conscience move. Since you have opted to purchase a German car, you can be sure that any choice you make will possess the unmistakable high quality that all German-made cars have. The following list of cars are guaranteed to be cheap used cars in Germany that will meet your needs and your price point:

  1. Mercedes Benz R-Class. Mercedes Benz is the most popular brand of all the German automakers. Although typically considered an expensive car, purchasing a used Mercedes Benz in an older model will provide the same great quality at a lower price. The R-Class is an SUV that combines all the luxuries and benefits of the minivan with the SUV. It includes multimedia, comfort and safety features and is powered by a V8 5000cc engine.
  2. Mercedes Benz M-Class. This luxury SUV was named the Best New Sports Utility Vehicle at the Canadian Car of the Year Awards in 2006. A few years later, the SUV is considerably more affordable to those seeking pre-owned vehicles, making it one of the nicer used cars in Germany.
  3. BMW 125i Convertible. A great find among used cars in Germany, this mini sedan features great handling and superb speed performance. The compact car is powered by a 2996cc V6 engine.
  4. BMW X3. Yet another luxury SUV of the used cars in Germany, this car features 4-wheel drive and can be driven on a variety of terrain. Although “luxury” and “cheap” seem to contradict, a good deal on an older model truly qualifies this SUV as one of the cheap used cars in Germany.
  5. Audi A4. This is another well-known brand among German car manufacturers. This Audi is known for its well-designed engine and won the Golden Steering Wheel for best vehicle in its class a few years ago.
  6. Audi TT. Another one of the used cars in Germany, this one flaunts beautiful craftsmanship in design and its interior. Also powered by 4-wheel drive, the Audi TT is probably one of the best-used German cars to invest in since it is winner of numerous awards for Best Car of the Year.
  7. Volkswagen Cabrio. This reliable little car provides comfortable seating for all its passengers. Practical, unassuming, simple and clean, this car makes a great buy for no-nonsense shoppers who need a sturdy car to get them to their destination.
  8. Volkswagen Jetta. This eco-friendly car has been making a difference in the environment since it first came out. It consumes less fuel and produces fewer toxic emissions than average cars. More spacious than other used cars in Germany, this one is a good choice for environment-conscious families on a budget.
  9. Volkswagen Passat. This mid-size family sedan has been around since the 1970s. The Passat has undergone variations throughout the years, but its excellent engineering and its almost legendary reliability remained the same. This is a great family car with its excellent safety track record.
  10. Volkswagen Beetle (Classic). Probably the most popular of the cheap used cars in Germany, this car is an icon. Today you can easily purchase a used Beetle with an engine that lasts for under $1,000. While it may not be very practical, it still remains one of the most loved cars in Germany.

Now that you have the specifics on used cars in Germany, you can review your own needs to discover which is the best fit for you. These ten cheap used cars in Germany will offer you the prestige of German craftsmanship while still fitting into your budget.

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