10 Cheating Celebrities

As much as we love a Hollywood romance that ends happily ever after, these 10 cheating celebrities are undeniable proof that relationships with scandalous secrets and fiery blowouts are a lot more fun. From extramarital affairs to serial adulterers, the entertainers on this list all have one thing in common: their raunchy rendezvous dropped jaws and set headlines ablaze.

  1. David Duchovny Life imitated art when the "Californication" star split from wife Tea Leoni after reports of infidelity surfaced. Although Duchovny sued the U.K.'s "Daily Mail" for reporting he'd been sleeping with his tennis instructor, he would later check himself into a rehabilitation facility to undergo treatment for sex addiction. Holy mixed messages, Batman! He and Leoni ultimately reconciled in the summer 2009.

  2. Jude Law The English actor enjoyed “mind blowing rampant sex” with his children’s nanny Daisy Wright. After the two were caught in bed together, Law accused fiancée Sienna Miller of not giving him the attention he required and she told him to go to hell. Apparently, neither of them held much of a grudge because in December 2009 they rekindled their romance.

  3. Meg Ryan After nine years of marriage to Dennis Quaid, this cheating celebrity shacked up with Aussie heartthrob Russell Crowe on the set of "Proof of Life." While many blamed the ensuing divorce on Ryan, she revealed that Quaid had been unfaithful to her numerous times during their marriage. 

  4. Ethan Hawke Amidst allegations that he’d been having an affair with Canadian model Jen Perzow, Hawke’s five-year marriage to Uma Thurman collapsed. Thurman was devastated but insisted she had no regrets and motherhood was a gift she wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

  5. Jennifer Lopez The ink on her marriage contract to backup dancer Cris Judd was barely dry when Lopez began an affair with her "Gigli" co-star Ben Affleck.  Soon after, “Bennifer” was unleashed upon the world. Lopez soon realized what goes around comes around for cheating celebrities when Affleck reportedly became intimate with Jennifer Garner on the set of "Daredevil." Apparently braille wasn’t the only thing he was running his fingers across.

  6. LeAnn Rimes Backup dancers just can’t catch a break. Rimes married Dean Sheremet, one of her dancers, in 2002. Eight years later it was revealed that Rimes had been cheating on him with her Northern Lights co-star, Eddie Cibrian. Cibrian was also married at the time and would later fool around with his ex-wife after becoming involved with Rimes. Hear that ringing, LeAnn? It's karma calling.  

  7. Hugh Grant The charming Brit inexplicably cheated on the luscious Elizabeth Hurley with Hollywood prostitute Divine Brown. Unfortunately for Grant, the ensuing scandal overshadowed the release of his first major studio film, "Nine Months." All things considered, he made out okay–Hurley forgave him and the public praised him for not making excuses and owning up to his mistake. 

  8. Kelly Brook After spending seven years with boyfriend Jason Statham, Brook cheated on him with Billy Zane during the filming of "Survival Island" in 2004. Evidently, the "Playboy" cover girl has a thing for buff bald guys. Although her and Zane were briefly engaged, it wasn't meant to be. In September 2008 she moved on to rugby player Danny Cipriani.

  9. Brad Pitt After cheating on Jennifer Aniston with "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" co-star Angelina Jolie, this celebrity didn’t just have his wife to answer to–an entire legion of female fans threw on their “Team Aniston” tee shirts and voiced their disapproval. Regardless of the temporary damage to his public image, Pitt’s relationship with Jolie was obviously built to last–the pair are still going strong.

  10. Tiger Woods A mysterious car crash in November 2009 became the catalyst for a firestorm of controversy that rages on to this day. Tiger’s wife Elin Nordegren attacked him after discovering he’d been cheating on her and had it just been the one affair, the public might have quickly forgotten. Instead, a new mistress seemed to come forward every few days and soon Tiger’s list of transgressions had grown to comically large proportions. Although he was deeply sorry, it wasn’t enough to save his marriage. Tiger and Elin divorced in August 2010.

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