10 Cheats For Cave Story

Everybody loves figuring out little tricks and secrets to games and if you’re a "Cave Story" fan, you’ll be delighted to know there are actually 10 cheats for "Cave Story" available. Note that some of these cheats are sub-classified as hints or tricks and they are not codes.

  1. There are three alternate endings. Yes, you can actually choose from a bad, good or normal ending and each one requires a different in-game action. To produce a bad ending, make the choice to leave with Kazuma after the second time going through the Egg Corridor. For the good ending, complete the Sacred Grounds area. For the normal ending, complete the escape routine when finishing the game without running through the Sacred Grounds.
  2. You can obtain a weapon called a Spur. Didn’t know that this is one of the cheats in "Cave Story"? Here’s how to find the gun. Do not trade your Polar Star for the machine gun. The Polar Star will be required later with another weapon to trade for the Spur (the most potent gun in the game).
  3. You can find Curly’s Underwear. There sure is an Easter egg in this game and here’s how to find it in "Cave Story." If you rounded up the map item while going through Mimiga Village, it will be useful once you are in the back room after going through the Sand Zone and fighting Curly. The map will lead you to a secret passage. If you follow the passage to its end and look to the ledge located on the left, you can "Look" to collect Curly’s Underwear. This Easter egg has no effect on gameplay.
  4. You can use the machine gun as a makeshift jet pack. The machine gun must be level three to be able to use it as a jet pack. Simply jump, aim downwards, and shoot to float until ammo runs out.
  5. All of the max missile expansion locations. One of the locations is just above the building that has the motorbike outside the door in Grasstown. The bike can be blown up with a bomb. The other location in Grasstown is just inside of the Grasstown hut right above the shelter that Kazuma was locked in. Another location is in Egg Corridor next to the sky dragon where the twelfth egg was previously found. Another location in Egg Corridor is inside of the Egg Observation Room.
  6. You can find a secret weapon called a Bubbler. Once you’ve obtained the Jellyfish Juice, use it on the fireplace in Mimiga Village in the Assembly Hall to find the Bubbler.
  7. There are alternate credit portraits and dialog to be unlocked in "Cave Story." After making the rocket that takes you all the way to the last cave, be sure to not talk to Momorin to receive a booster pack. Instead, just take the rocket and save your Mimiga Mask. After doing this, you will notice the dialogue will change and several of the portraits during the credits will be changed.
  8. You can cheat to receive maximum health by opening the Profile.dat file with a hex editor. After the file has been opened, manipulate the value “1C” to receive maximum health.
  9. You can cheat to have current health by editing the Profile.dat file again. When you’ve opened the file, manipulate the value “twenty” to receive current health.
  10. It helps to know some of Jenka’s puppy locations in "Cave Story." To find Hajime, look next to the bed in the Sand Zone Residence near Curly. For Mick, search at the end of a long, secret passage corridor marked with a paw print. It will be close to Jenka’s house and right below the two previously moving blocks. For Shinobu, search in the bottom half of Sand Zone, hop along the ledges with the parrots and skulls and you’ll come to a secret paw print. Navigate to the house that you see the puppy run inside. Go inside and you’ll see puppy to the right of the screen. Work your way to him and you’ll have him!



Cave Story

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