10 Chick Flicks That Make Men Cry

Considering the fact that men usually try to avoid chick flicks all together, it was difficult to find 10 chick flicks that make men cry. These films, however, surpass those horrible romantic comedies that present men as chauvinist pigs and women as cat hoarders. The following movies can move even the most stoic of men to tears.

  1. “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” If you’ve ever endured a rough breakup and questioned your choice, this movie might make you tear up. Jim Carrey plays a man who decides to rid himself of all memories with his girlfriend. He soon regrets the decision, however, and races to stop the procedure. The very intimate moments between the two lovers are enough to make guys cry.
  2. “Meet Joe Black” This romantic drama might look unbearable, but the movie features more than just shirtless shots of Brad Pitt. Pitt plays Death, who takes the form of a man assigned to drop in on his next victim, played by Anthony Hopkins. A love triangle develops between Death and the victim’s daughter and there is plenty of romance, but don’t expect sappy, dumb montages. The movie could very well make you cry.
  3. “Ghost” This 1980s love story features Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore as two stereotypical lovers enjoying life. That is, until Swayze’s character is killed off early in the movie. From there, it’s a chick flick that both men and women can enjoy as Swayze’s character fights to discover the identity of his murderer. The ending will make many men (and their girlfriends) cry.
  4. “Casablanca” One of the most timeless of all love stories, it’s not as corny as it may first appear. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to sit down with a copy and make both you and your girlfriend happy. “Casablanca” is actually a movie about World War II and features the smooth-talking, heavy-drinking Humphrey Bogart, which makes the film even cooler.
  5. “Jerry Maguire” This movie provides the perfect compromise for the girlfriend who wants to watch a love story and the man who wants to view some sports. Tom Cruise stars as a sport agent struggling through a rough patch in his life. Guys can relate to his situation, and the final “You complete me” epiphany at the end might just make guys cry.
  6. “The Time Traveler’s Wife” With Rachel McAdams staring in the film, it might appear way too sappy for a man to watch. The movie tells the story of two lovers separated by the unfortunate fact that one spontaneously time travels. The time traveling aspect of the story separates this film from other stereotypical romances and lends a sci fi element to it. It will leave you thinking and maybe even crying by the finale.
  7. “Moulin Rouge” This chick flick starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor is one of the most guy friendly musicals out there. Steer your girl towards this pick if she wants a night of “Phantom of the Opera." The music consists of contemporary ‘90s classics, and there is comedy amid the drama. The end of the movie, however, can make a guy cry.
  8. “Legends of the Fall” This generational saga set in the wilderness of Montana in the early 1900s is a chick flick that may have plenty of sex and love triangles, but also contains action and great storytelling. Men can relate to the struggles between the movie’s band of brothers.
  9. “The English Patient” This romantic drama may be a chick flick, but it’s also beautifully made, well acted and doesn’t contain the predictable, fluffy type of love story that most women flock to theaters for. The desert setting is beautiful, and the ending can make men cry.
  10. “The Way We Were” This classic romantic drama starring Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand shows a couple’s struggles over the years, from college to marriage. The movie is very well made and not as predictable as ordinary chick flick romances. 
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