10 Child Actors: Where Are They Now?

If you have always loved television and films, you may be interested in knowing some facts about 10 child actors and where are they now. Some of these once beloved child actors are people that you might have grown up watching. Some you may have envied. But what has become of them now that they are adults?

  1. Keisha Knight Pulliam Keisha played the adorable Ruby Huxtable on the "Cosby Show". Today, she is still an actress. Her recent works includes starring in "The House of Payne".
  2. Kirk Cameron Kirk Cameron made many young girls swoon as he played the mischievous Mike Seaver on "Growing Pains". Today, his acting credits include movies which hold a religious message. He is also an active Christian evangelist.
  3. Erin Moran As a child actor, Erin played Joanie Cunningham on "Happy Days" and its spin off, "Joanie Loves Chachi".  Since the show’s cancellation she has had guest appearances on a number of shows. Her latest project was "Celebrity Fit Club".
  4. Candace Cameron:  Candace is known as playing D.J.Tanner as a child actor on  "Full House" and being Kirk’s younger sister. Candace has acted in many television movies and was cast in the ABC Family channel's "Make it or Break it"
  5. Jodie Sweetin Jodie is a child actor known for playing Stephanie Tanner on  "Full House". In recent years, she has begun talking about her struggles and recovery from a meth addiction. Today, she is trying to restart her acting career.
  6. Molly Ringwald Molly is known for her acting in such big screen movies as "Sixteen Candles’" and  "Pretty in Pink". Today, she plays the mother of a sixteen year old mother on  "The Secret Life of an American Teenager".
  7. Emmanuel Lewis Emmanuel is known for played the adorable Webster in the show of the same name and being a friend of the late Michael Jackson. Recently, he has founded his own music label and continues to act. 
  8. Drew Barrymore  Known for her role in the hit movie "ET" this child actor went on to continue filming movies such as "Charlie’s Angels" in her adult years. Yet, she had to fight alcoholism and the consequences of finding fame too early along the way.
  9. Dustin Diamond Dustin is known for his role of playing Samuel ‘Screech’ Powers in the popular teenage show  "Saved By The Bell". In recent years, Dustin has had tax problems, wrote a tell-all book that included stories of sexual liaisons and drug abuse that went on behind the scenes of  "Saved By The Bell". As for his acting career, he has recently starred in a number of reality television shows.
  10. Fred Savage Fred played the adorable Kevin Arnold in "The Wonder Years."  Today, he directs the show "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia."
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