10 Chinese Tattoo Ideas

These 10 Chinese tattoo ideas for youngsters can be very easily obstructed from the different styles of the Chinese pictographic system. Tattooing is one of the renowned forms of Chinese art. Chinese tattoo styles vary from formal to fluid, abstract to balance.

  1. The traditional brush stroke style which is one of the very common and old styles of Chinese tattoos art usually includes imprints of epic creatures.
  2. You could also get a tattoo of the "Xi" symbol: It is a sign of matrimonial bond. It shows the occurrence of luck, twice. Most famous symbol in Chinese tattoo parlors.
  3. Another of the ten Chinese tattoo ideas is the ravenous and revengeful snake made using the running style constituting thin brush stroke imprint which is usually suitable for thin or curvy motifs.
  4. The Chinese Yin Yang symbol is also a good pick for tattooing that comes with the flowing style and is easily made. It shows a circular pattern dissected with a curve having one period in each.
  5. Tattooing a picture of the "Golden Dragon" is considered a sign of good fortune. Dragons in general are considered as guardians and power in Chinese culture.
  6. Another contemporary idea for the tattoo is to have computerized tattoos on the area below the neck that reflect the ideas of a newer more complicated social network of the 21st century.
  7. Tattooing a picture of "Arowana" is another famous Chinese choice. The "Arowana" stands for auspicious prosperity. It is best known to have their wealth in abundance.
  8. Birds are usually considered symbols of flight and freedom. Having a flying eagle imprinted on the biceps would symbolize the visionary aspect of the bearer’s personality.
  9. Calligraphy of the Chinese oracle script is also an interesting Chinese tattoo idea where the letters themselves almost take the shape of moving beings when viewed from a far end.
  10. Raging dragon is a very impressive Chinese tattoo idea as it gives a presentation of nobility and pride.
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