10 Christian Business Ideas

Are you wondering what the best 10 Christian business ideas are? There are many opportunities available to start a Christian business in your spare time with little investment. Previous experience in the related field can help in some cases but is not always needed.

  1. Christian Dating Website. Help people connect as friends, penpals, or dating. Many people turn to websites to help them locate the perfect mate or friend to share time with.
  2. Christian Book Store. Virtual or brick and mortar Christian book stores stocked with books, book markers, calendars and stationary are always in demand. Do not forget new authors who want to have their work distributed.
  3. Christian Tutor. If you have a background in teaching or mentoring this would be the perfect opportunity. Learning centers are in demand across the country for study help, pre-test help and summer courses.
  4. Christian Nanny. Nanny and baby sitting services with faith based people to care for young children are needed on a daily basis. Start this Christian business idea by posting an ad in the local paper.
  5. Christian Printer. Business and personal letterhead, envelopes, flyers, and books are always in demand. Rent equipment from a printer on off hours or sub contract the work to a local printer for a quick start on a Christian business idea.
  6. Christian E-Card Website. Greeting cards, birthday cards and sympathy cards are all being sent daily on computers across the country. Designing and hosting can be done at nominal cost through a number of online sites.
  7. Christian Home Decor. Wall plaques and other home decor items can be sold in a store or virtual store. Check with many vendors in directories and online to stock your store.
  8. Christian Paper/Magazine. Start a Christian paper or magazine. Local churches are the place to start distributing your paper or magazine to establish a client base.
  9. Christian Music. Start a Christian band by playing or managing. Book your band at local churches after recording.
  10. Christian Mentor. A mentoring service can guide others to the perfect job or business opportunity using their God given talent. Team up with local businesses to provide faith based jobs to others.
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