10 Christian Business Leaders

Just as it can be a struggle to be a Christian in the entertainment industry, these 10 Christian business leaders are constantly watched. They must live up to a higher standard, and folks are just waiting to see them fall. Such business people must ask themselves how much of their faith can they put into their job, and when such beliefs should be left out. Should the job be a witnessing tool, or just a job? There's lots of food on this list, and absolutely no booze.

  1. H.G. Heinz. Heinz was the founder of Heinz ketchup.  Thank goodness he didn't create an advertising campaign where his ketchup was compared to Jesus blood. Those 57 varieties on the bottles refer to the psychological influence of that figure and of its alluring significance to people of all ages. Whatever that means.
  2. Sam Walton. Walton founded Walmart. And Walmart is one of those stores you either have a love or hate relationship with. However, whether you love it our hate it, you cannot argue with Walmart's success. Even in recessionary times, this staple outlet does well. The first Wal-Mart was opened on July 6, 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas. There have been at least a few more since then.
  3. Truett Cathy. Ask any Christian what their favorite fast fast food joint is. Chances are good they'll name Chick-Fil-A. They all know it was started by a Christian. They might know this information before they can successfully explain the gospel. Cathy is said to worth 1.2 billion.
  4. Cecil Day. One suspects Day called this hotel Day's Inn because that's his last name. But it might be because night is ruled by the other guy –the bad guy–down below. Day was a devout Southern Baptist, until he died in 1978 of cancer.
  5. Arthur DeMoss. DeMoss founded the DeMoss Foundation. One of its roles is Executive Ministries, which has the objective of winning and discipling business and professional executives to Jesus Christ.
  6. Leonard Lesord. Lesord founded "Guidepost Magazine", which has provided inspiring stories for years. Its logo is: Inspiring stories, inspiring people, inspiring you.
  7. Norm Miller. Miller is chairman of the board Interstate Batteries. He helps energize this energy company. These are car batteries, by the way. They don't use pink bunnies to advertise their products.
  8. Lowell "Bud" Paxxon. As the founder of PAX-TV, this network provides some of the most wholesome shows on TV. Lord knows there aren't enough of those. On the other hand, there are a lot of sitcom reruns and B-movies, too.
  9. James Cash Penney.  J.C. Penney department stores have long been an American favorite. And you just can't go wrong with names like "Cash" and "Penney", when it comes to pushing low prices. They're kind of the mall Wal-Mart.
  10. Dave Thomas. Dave, the founder Wendy's, bravely appears in the fast food chain's commercials. He seems like a regular guy. He also has a body that makes you believe he eats his own food. And you've gotta love those square patties, too.
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