10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Boss

These 10 Christmas gift ideas for boss offer a variety of items for bosses of all genders and ages. Buying a Christmas gift for a boss can be a tricky proposition, especially if you don't know the person that well. The essential question of whether to even buy a gift is the first hurdle. Once you've made the decision to go for a gift, determining what you should spend is another question. Something too small and inexpensive may be viewed as cheap, while a larger gift might be considered as a bribe for a raise or a desk with a view. Whatever you decide to do, some basic Christmas gift ideas for the boss might just fit your work situation. 

  1. Card. A nice card is an easy, and safe, gift for your boss. Pick a general sentiment and an interesting graphic. Avoid comic cards about bosses or humor that might be misconstrued, especially if your boss usually doesn't have a sense of humor. The holidays are not the time to assume your boss has a sense of humor but doesn't use it at the office. Sign both your first and last name, so he knows who gave him the card.
  2. Booze. Always a classic gift, alcohol should only be given to a boss who is known to drink. If you've never seen your boss take a drink, best to move on to another gift. If your boss enjoys a nip every now and then, select something he or she enjoys. Wines are nice and lower priced, usually, than springing or a top of the line double malt bottle. Make sure your boss enjoys liquor before springing for this gift. 
  3. Stationary. Old school bosses enjoy getting some fine stationary as a Christmas gift from employees. Select something tasteful with an image or simple, fine paper. 
  4. Pen. A modern pen or a retro fountain pen offering for a really hip boss who collects old pens is always a nice holiday gift idea. Avoid engraving retro pens, but go for a formal name on a modern pen. That way your boss won't loose your gift to office thieves. 
  5. Photograph. A photo of the local community or something at the office is a good general Christmas idea for your boss. Do not frame a photo of yourself. That's tacky and somewhat self absorbed, even if you have a special relationship with your boss. Others might also start to talk. 
  6. Cuff links. If your boss enjoys retro things, pick up a pair of vintage cuff links for a Christmas present. 
  7. Desk frame. If your boss has a nice desk with space for a frame, pick out a nice wooden or metal frame. Avoid the impulse to put your photograph in the frame. See the above paragraph for "Photograph" for the reasoning. The same rationale applies here.
  8. Tee-shirt. If you work in a casual office, get your boss a Christmas gift of vintage or modern tee-shirts. There are so many quality options on the market, so go for something unusual. If your boss is big on art, pick out a shirt from an art museum or gallery. Retro tees are also popular with bosses who enjoy vintage.
  9. Books. Reading material is king for bosses who can read. A gift certificate might work well here for the local bookstore. Avoid giving your boss and book with a message and suggesting a close read. You may just find yourself out of a job. 
  10. Selection of music. A gift certificate to a music store or downloading web site is a good Christmas gift idea for bosses. Avoid under all costs gifting your boss a copy of your own CD. A gift of your own music also falls under the tacky category. 
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