10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Grandpa

Choose one of these 10 Christmas gift ideas for Grandpa this year, you'll both be glad you did! Whether your grandpa is young and active or a more frail senior, there are plenty of great gifts just waiting to be discovered.

  1. Novelty tie: Once a guy hits a certain age, he can get away with just about anything. Start with the Stooges or Star Wars, and progress to pin-ups and naughty ladies if needed. You'll have fun shopping, and he'll be able to get away with wearing it.
  2. Smoking jacket. You won't be able to gift him with a bevy of blondes, but hand over a smoking jacket, and he'll at least resemble Hugh Hefner this Christmas.
  3. Hobby items: Items to help out with or coordinate with a favorite hobby make a great Christmas gift for Grandpa. Choose custom flies for the fisherman, a new ratchet set for a hobby mechanic or personalized tees for a golfing Grandpa.
  4. Food treats: Select from one of these delectable Christmas gift ideas for Grandpa this year; look for fine truffles, custom blended coffee or perfectly aged whiskey. any of these gifts is sure to be appreciated.
  5. Photo gifts: Make a keychain, mug or even a full year calendar featuring family photos and your gift will remind Grandpa of family all year round.
  6. Do a chore: If there is something Grandpa has been putting off—or something that just needs to be done—finish up a chore for the old guy. Chop wood, change oil or shovel snow … any of these will be as appreciated as an ugly tie.
  7. Wii: Grandpa might enjoy a basic Wii equipped with a sports or fitness game. Senior Wii groups are springing up all over the country, thanks to the fun, gentle workout that the system provides. This is a great Christmas gift for Grandpa to give from a group of grandkids—the more family members you have, the cheaper it is per person.
  8. Safety gifts: It's boring, but if grandpa lives alone, consider gifting an elderly alarm system, pill clock or any one of dozens of accessibility items designed for seniors.
  9. Novelty gifts: You can't go wrong with a "World's Best grandpa" mug, afghan, T-shirt or picture frame.
  10. Comfort items: Consider a Christmas gift for Grandpa that will make him more comfortable in winter. Look for warm lap quilts, slippers, and fleece jackets to keep him toasty and warm all season long.
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