10 Christmas Party Gift Ideas

10 Christmas party gift ideas include interesting presents that cover a wide range of prices. When you're invited to a holiday party, a guest who wants to be invited back, should bring a small gift for the host or hostess. No need to spend a ton of money on this gift, but give the gift some thought before you head out to buy it. Don't buy liquor or candy for people who don't drink or for a host who is dieting. 

  1. Hard liquor or wine. Alcohol is a classic holiday gift for Christmas party hosts who drink. Special winter alcohol offerings includes rum that can be added to punch or egg nog and whiskey that can spike warm lemonade. 
  2. Cut flowers. Fresh flowers are a nice gift to bring to a Christmas party, especially in areas where flowers don't grow in the winter. Pick up a nice boutique and add some Christmas flash of a red or green ribbon to make the presentation complete. 
  3. Beer. Not in the same class as hard liquor or wine, but for a casual get together, beer is a good choice for a Christmas party gift. Select something you think your host will enjoy drinking.
  4. Christmas tree ornament or decorative tree topper. If you're sure the Christmas party will feature a Christmas tree, bring a small decorative ornament to hang on the tree. If the tree is large, bring a larger decoration, such as a tree topper.
  5. Small holiday wreath. This party gift idea can adorn any house door or even be placed on the front of the host's car, even if they don't drive a Bentley or a MB. No need to go all out, a simple green wreath with a colorful ribbon will be enough eye candy for a nice Christmas party gift. 
  6. Fine chocolates. Gourmet chocolates in a nice winter holiday presentation box are a good Christmas party gift idea. If you know the host likes nuts, go for chocolate-covered cashews or nuts. Soft chocolates with filled centers also make an interesting gift variety. 
  7. Hard candies in a decorative container. Hard Christmas candies are a traditional gift and ribbon-shaped hard candies loaded into a decorative glass container or metal tin is a suitable Christmas party gift idea. 
  8. Mini-Christmas tree. A tiny holiday tree with some decorations to fill the window or add some decorative appeal to a kitchen counter is another good Christmas party gift idea. For an unusual gift, in place of ornaments, add some ribbons or bells. These decorations also make the tree easier to transport to the party.
  9. Dog toys. Select this Christmas party gift ideas for homes with a dog, or dogs, who enjoy sniffing you more than enjoying the party. Hosts who love their pet will be flattered you remembered their special family member and you'll be left alone during the party. Chew toys work well as a distraction, as do rope cords and rubber bones. If the party has more than one dog, buy a separate toy for each pet. 
  10. A potted plant, perhaps something in the holiday plant grouping, such as a poinsettia. If you know little about plants, select something with red flowers. If the party hosts have animals, avoid this party gift idea. Rumor has it that poinsettias are deadly to house pets, if the pet has the notion to snack on your party gift. Whether the rumor is true or not won't make much difference to the host who'll view the gift as a potential killer. Better to save this gift suggestion for petless homes. 



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