10 Cinema Date Tips

If you love taking your date to movies, you must know the 10 cinema date tips. Just like any other types of dates, doing the wrong things can ruin the entire date easily. The following is a list of the 10 cinema date tips that will ensure your date to go fine.

  1. The type of movie you pick. The first tip is to be very careful on the movie selection. It is always wise to ask what type of movie your date is interested in and go from there. You can kill the date in a flash if you take her to a boring movie.
  2. The time of the showing. The second tip is to decide the time you want to watch the movie with your date. Just like the movie selection, you should ask your date for the showing time she prefers. If she loves being laid back, then go to the movie during the evening on a week day.
  3. The location of the cinema. The third tip is to figure out where to watch the movie at. Pick a cinema that is in a safe area if you want your date to feel safe and sound. Forget any dollar movies because the cinema which plays those movies aren't really in a good neighborhood.
  4. The cinema's atmosphere. The fourth tip is to be aware of the environment of the cinema. It has so much to do with the showing time. For example, if you plan to see an animation movie during a Saturday evening, you can expect to hear bunch of kids making noises prior to the showing.
  5. The seats at the showing. The fifth tip is to seat at the right place for the showing. Both of you probably can't get a great viewing if sitting in the front row. Getting the seats in the middle or the back would be a much brilliant idea.
  6. Turn off your cell phone. The sixth tip is to make very sure that your cell phone is completely off. It is an absolute rude gesture if it rings in the middle of the movie. Keep in mind that besides interrupting your date, you are also being a disturbance to other viewers.
  7. No talking during the showing. The seventh tip is to keep quiet when the movie is playing. You can always have any discussions with your date after the movie is over. Just remember this: Talking is no difference than the cell phone ringing situation.
  8. Be generous on snacks. The eighth tip is to pay for the snacks if your date wants to eat during the movie. Although the cinema's snacks can be pricey, you still should be a gentleman by offering them to your date. Your date will look at you as a cheapskate if you snick snacks into the cinema.
  9. Use the men's room first. The ninth tip is to take care of yourself before the movie starts. It is simply because you want to be with your date all the way throughout the movie as being polite to her. You are giving your date a great impression by not leaving her there alone.
  10. Bring a sweater along. The last tip is to have a sweater handy. It might sound sissy; however, this will be a win-win situation for you and your date. Let's say your date is freezing in the cinema as she doesn't have a jacket on hand. She will like you even more if you immediately offer her your jacket to keep her warm.
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