10 Classic Coming Of Age Boy Movies

If you have the weekend stretching in front of you with no plans in sight, sit down, grab some snacks and watch some of our 10 Classic Coming of Age Boy Movies. You remember when you saw these movies in your teens. You also remember telling your dad afterwards that you couldn't mow the lawn, because now, now you were a man. We don't recommend that this time around. Just sit back, pop one in, and enjoy the fact that discs are way better than tapes.

  1. "Stand by Me" Let's face it, this movie has been on, and will be on, every list of coming of age boy movies since it's 1986 release. This is because, put simply, it is, and always will be, one of the best of it's genre. Four misfit boys set out on a journey down the tracks to see a dead body. Along the way, they grow up a little (that is the point of a coming of age movie, right?), have some good times, and go home and become men.
  2. "American Graffiti" The second film from George Lucas,  it takes place over the course of one night in 1962. Following a group of teenagers at the end of summer after high school, it examines the cares (in a small town, mostly cars, sex, and rock and roll) of the group before they have to leave home and go out into the world.  
  3. "The Dead Poets Society" A coming of age subgenre, the inspirational teacher. This inspirational teacher though, is Robin Williams. An English teacher at a boy's school in the 1950's, he leads his students through new ways of looking at everything, in direct opposition to the conservative thinking of the 50's.
  4. "The Outsiders" Considered one of the first "Brat Pack" movies, the Outsiders also propelled many other young stars to fame.  Focusing on a gang conflict in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the 60's, the outcasts of one gang learn that as adulthood approaches, some things are more important than turf.
  5. "The Breakfast Club" You've seen this movie. Watch it again. Five students taken from across the range of 80's cliques have detention. With no common background, plenty of shenanigans happen whenever the principal leaves the room.
  6. "The Last Picture Show" Two high school football players in a small West Texas town deal with their last year of high school and their lack of options when it's over.
  7. "The Graduate" This 1967 film does have a main character a little older than usual for a coming of age movie, but let's face it, the main character does seem like a slow learner. He begins an affair with an older family friend, and learns about love and life in the process.
  8. "Rebel Without a Cause" The classic James Dean coming of age movie. Misunderstood, angry, and forced to grow up throughout a few days after moving to a new town, Dean portrays what it meant to be different in America after World War II.
  9. "Dazed and Confused" Another classic coming of age movie that helped many of its actors to stardom, "Dazed and Confused" follows the students of a West Texas high school as new students and seniors emerge. This movie is to the 90's what any John Hughes movie was to the 80's, although we hear Matthew McConaughey's character is still waiting to grow up.
  10. "Y Tu Mamá También" An Alfonso Cuarón film, it follows two young men on a trip across Mexico in an attempt to impress an older woman travelling with them. As the young men see the state of their country away from the cities, they realize how much more there is to life in Mexico.
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