10 Classic Erotic Films

These 10 classic erotic films are groundbreaking productions in the world of adult entertainment. Each entry on the list of ten classic erotic films is known for its unique story, its erotic content or its impact on mainstream as well as erotic films. Some of these classic erotic films are beautifully done productions while others reach for a more pornographic look.

  1. "Debbie Does Dallas" (1978). This movie was one of the first pornographic movies to have plot that held the entire story together. It featured cheerleaders, football players, college professors and librarians all getting in on the act. This was one of the first erotic movies that tried to be a major motion picture.
  2. "Behind the Green Door" (1972). This 1972 production was a psychedelic look at the early career of erotic movie star Marilyn Chambers. Chambers established herself as a major force in the early erotic movie business with her sensual and sexy performance in this film. For its very dream-like qualities, this movie belongs on the list of the ten classic erotic films.
  3. "Devil in Miss Jones" (1973). Erotic movies were not supposed to deal with the serious subject of suicide, but this 1972 release did just that. It is one of the ten classic erotic films about a woman who commits suicide, but winds up in limbo. She cannot go to heaven because she committed suicide, but the Devil sends her back to Earth to earn her way into hell through sexual indiscretions. The story is intricate, and the movie is very interesting to watch.
  4. "Deep Throat" (1972). When this movie first came out, there had been very little use of deep throat fellatio on screen. This movie help set the standard for that particular sex act in erotic films. The story of the making of "Deep Throat" became more popular than the movie as star Linda Lovelace claimed she made the movie while being held captive at gunpoint.
  5. "The Story of O" (1975). A classic about bondage makes it on to the list of ten classic erotic films. "The Story of O" shows a side of bondage and modern day slavery that made many movie goers uncomfortable.
  6. "Alice in Wonderland" (1976). This was the first erotic movie that starred a movie star who would also be found in mainstream movies. Kristine DeBell starred as Alice in this movie performing hardcore sexual acts, and then later she would find herself in the major motion picture "Meatballs".
  7. "Last Tango in Paris" (1972). While "Last Tango in Paris" lacks the quantity of hardcore sex scenes that are found in the other ten classic erotic films, it makes the list because it is a look into the sexual fantasies of acting legend Marlon Brando.
  8. "1 Night in Paris" (2004). If you are going to make a list of the ten classic erotic films, then you have to make a place for the one movie responsible for the rash of celebrity private sex tapes that would follow. Paris Hilton's famous sex tape became an international best seller and made celebrity sex  big business.
  9. "Eruption" (1977). This 1977 erotic classic is often referred to as a porn masterpiece. The money spent on production, and the time spent on the script, made this one of the most interesting erotic films ever made.
  10. "Little Girls Blue" (1978). This predominantly lesbian erotic movie has a female perspective as it was directed by a female director and takes place in an all-girls school. The movie is considered extremely sensual and belongs on the list of ten classic erotic films.
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