10 Classic Fashion Trends For Men

Of all the elements that go into men’s fashion, there are 10 classic fashion trends for men. Men must need to dress, at varying times, to look successful, sexy, well-maintained, and sophisticated. This calls for a variety of different looks, articles of clothing, and accessories. This list consists of a certain look or certain apparel that are going to always be okay for a man to wear.

  1. Three-piece suit. A three-piece suit is a classic fashion trend that will always make a man look good.  A buttoned vest underneath a suit coat and matching pants with tie (and optional handkerchief) gives a look of sophistication, success, importance, and even wealth.
  2. Up-scale watch. A quality, up-scale, high-end watch is one of the 10 classic fashion trends for men that will always be just right. The emergence of cell phones has led some to conclude that a watch is no longer needed, as they can simply get the time from their phone. But a watch is an accessory, and goes beyond its simple usage. A strong, sturdy, elegant watch can accessorize other clothing very well, and it can give off an impression of success.
  3. Shirt and tie. The shirt and tie—sans coat—is a classic fashion trend for men that works very well around the office. Many modern offices are too casual for entire suits, so this look allows men to look good, feel professional, but with a bit higher level of comfort.
  4. Khaki’s and polo. This classic fashion trend for men is part of the evolution of the casualisation of society in general and the workplace in particular. With this outfit men can look sharp and well-dressed, but at the same time have short sleeves and go without the tie.
  5. Manicures. A man who thinks this is only for women is way off base. People notice your hands and part of looking good and looking successful is having well-kept nails and hands. No one wants to give a presentation or stand in front of a group of people with gnawed and gnarly fingernails and cuticles.
  6. Shave and a haircut. It costs more than just two bits now, but hair grooming is very important for a man to look his best, and being clean cut is one of the 10 classic fashion trends for men. Hair can grow long and beards and moustaches are okay—if you really have to—but it’s important to keep them neat, trim, and tidy.
  7. Oxfords. The Oxford shoe style is one of the longlasting 10 classic fashion trends for men. An Oxford is nice enough to be work in professional settings, with a shirt and tie, and casual enough to add a sleek touch to a more dressed down look. Made of sturdy leather and hard soles, one pair can last for a long time.
  8. Tuxedo. A tuxedo is a classic fashion trend for men and the height of the sophisticated look. Most men have so few opportunities to wear this classic outfit that they don’t even own one, but in certain circumstances, nothing less then a tux will do. Tux fashions change slightly over time, but the tuxedo itself endures as the ultimate elegant look.
  9. Loafers/boat shoes. A good pair of leather loafers/boat shoes can serve a man well. Worn with socks and khakis or without socks while donning shorts, loafers give an easy-going look to a casual outfit. Very comfortable, waterproof and easy to slip on and slip off, loafers are a great shoe to own.
  10. T-shirt. Ah…an item that started off as a military-issued undergarment took off—thanks to the movies—in the civilian world and t-shirts today may be a man’s most-worn article of clothing. Simple, easy, and comfortable, t-shirts can be plain, emblazoned with a corporate logo, or adorned with an ironic or humorous message or image. Not just for slobs anymore, the t-shirt is a classic item that may never go out of style.
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