10 Classic French Songs

With some of the greatest music coming from France, here is a list of 10 classic French songs. It cannot be denied that France is a land of rapturous lyricism. Everything from the architecture, the food, and of course, the language is nothing short of divine to the sensibilities. Listening to someone simply conversing in French can cast a hypnotic spell. Just imagine if someone were singing in French. French artists have cemented themselves a prominent space in the pantheon of great music. Even if one does not understand the words that are being sung, they are still caught up in the intoxicating beauty of the unique sound. Here are ten classic French songs.

  1. "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien." On a list of classic French songs, we have to start with Edith Piaf, and where better to begin than with this 1960 classic beautifully performed by her.
  2. "Parle Plus Bas (Le Parrain)." You will recognize the distinct music of this song as being a familiar tune. That's because this is a French cover of the venerable love theme from "The Godfather," as beautifully performed by Dalida.
  3. "Je Te Donne," As surprising as this may seem, the 1980's can now be considered an era of classics. In America, songs of the 80's are revered as classics and it is no different with France, as this song by Jean-Jacques Goldman and Michael Jones can attest to.
  4. "Il Me Dit Que Je Suis Belle." Patricia Kaas has developed quite a following. As recent as this song is, it is safe to call it a classic because of its chart performance not only in France, but in global markets as well, most notably in Germany and Japan.
  5. "Comme d'habitude." Initially released by French pop singer Claude Francois in the 1960's, this song was also covered by Florent Pagny in 1989.
  6. "Ne Me Quitte Pas." This is a song that is more famous as a written song than anything else. It has been covered by a number of artists from all over the world. However, the most famous version comes from its original singer-songwriter, Jacques Brel.
  7. "Il Faut Savoir." A French number one hit in 1962, this was a song from French singer Charles Aznavour, often described as France's Frank Sinatra.
  8. "Le Meteque." A French number one hit in 1969, this was sung by the great Georges Moustaki, who is not only remembered as a famous singer, but also a great songwriter having written some classics for none other than Edith Piaf.
  9. "La Foule." Another song from the wonderful Edith Piaf, an entire list could be devoted to her work alone. This 1957 gem concerns heartbreak, a popular subject among French songs.
  10. "La Vie en Rose." The third song on this list from Edith Piaf, it is both her signature song and perhaps the most famous of all French songs. It also served as the title to her recent Academy Award winning biopic and has been covered with great affection by a number of artists from all over the world.
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