10 Classic Pickup Trucks

There have been many classic pickups introduced through the years so you may want to add your favorites to this list of 10 classic pickup trucks. Many of these collector classics represent periods of huge changes in the auto industry.

  1. 1928-1931 Model A Ford Pickup. The pickups during this time had not only a new body, but a new engine, transmission, frames, and wheels. They had three-speed manual transmissions using an “H” shifting patterns, and put out 40 horsepower at 2200 RPMs. They were equipped with a spare tire mounted on the left fender, a tool kit, four-wheel brake system, a hand-operated windshield wiper, and a comfortable artificial leather seat. The next two years colors were added along with exterior enhancements.
  2. 1933 to 1935 Dodge Pickup. Chrysler survived the depression and came out with a light truck in 1933 that was on an automobile chassis. They had large axles, tires, springs, and wheels. The six-cylinder engines came from Chrysler, Dodge, DeSoto and Plymouth, and they were all equipped with a three-speed transmission.
  3. 1948 Ford F-1 Pickup. This was the first year of the F-Series trucks and it was readily accepted. It featured a cab that was said to have the comfort of your living room. They had a 3-way air control system, a driver’s Spiral Lounge Seat with a shock absorber to soften movement when driving. It came in several colors, with a 6 cylinder or a V8.
  4. 1948 to 1950 Studebaker Pickup. The Studebaker pickup came equipped with a Champion engine and a three-speed transmission with overdrive. The bed was lined with wood. These pickups are still loved by classic pickup truck collectors.
  5. 1961 Volkswagen Pickup. After developing the Microbus and the Panel Van, VW realized there was a demand for pickups. The first one was a single cab with a bench seat that would fit three people and a large bed in the rear. Under the bed was a tool box to keep materials safe. All three sides of the bed flipped down with hinges so cargo didn’t have to be loaded up over the side. Later on a double cab was designed with a bench seat.
  6. 1941 and 1951 Willys Pickup. The Willys MB was better known as the Jeep, but after the war the car- type model was replaced with the CJ-2A. Military features were changed to make the vehicle more conducive to farming, ranching, hunting, and traveling on back roads and four-wheel drive was added. In 1947 the Jeep Utility Truck was introduced with four-wheel drive. In 1948 four-wheel drive was added to the Utility Wagon which is the ancestor to today’s SUVs.
  7. 1957 to 1979 Ford Ranchero. This unique car with a truck bed was the first of its kind. The body line of the Ranchero always followed the line of the cars being produced at the time and changed five different times during the life of the Ranchero. From 1957 to 1959 the car was patterned after the Fairlane and had luxurious interiors and an option for a special V-8 engine from Thunderbird. They often had a two-tone paint job. These years are the most collectible today.
  8. 1951 to 1958 GMC Pickup. The popular GMC pickup was identical to the Chevrolet pickups except for the front grills and the name. While Chevrolet was only sold through a Chevrolet dealer, GMC trucks were available at Buick, Cadillac, and Pontiac dealerships.
  9. 1959 to 1960 Chevrolet El Camino. Chevy came out with the first generation of El Caminos from 1959 to compete with the Ford Ranchero that had come out two years earlier. The first year out, it beat Ranchero sales. It was built on the Brookwood station wagon platform and had an X-frame design and full-coil suspension. The bed floor was made of corrugated sheetmetal.
  10. 1961 to 1971 International Harvester Scout Pickup. This was one of the most unique pickups when it was introduced. It had a top and side doors that were removable, vacuum operated windshield wipers, sliding removable windows, a full instrument panel, a 152 cubic inch slant 4 and a three speed transmission. They came in both 2- and 4-wheel drive.
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