10 Classic Teenager Growing Up Songs

These 10 classic teenager growing up songs have been known for their great lyrics and exceptional beats. Whether you're currently a teenager or looking to reminisce in the past, these are all great choices. These timeless songs are each inspiring and enjoyable songs.

  1. Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit" The is arguably the most classic and successful teenage song in history. Kurt Cobain once stated that the song expressed the revolutionary and autonomous spirit of teenagers. This song brought Nirvana to the top, and still stands strong as one of the band's most popular songs ever.
  2. Wheatus "Teenage Dirtbag" The name says it all, this song is about teenage angst and love. The song shares the emotional struggle of coping with teenage social issues. A grunge upbeat tune, it is a classic teenager growing up song.
  3. All-American Rejects "It Gives You Hell" This breakup song tells a common story about growing through rough breakups. A classic teenage issue, this song has an edgy teenage rebellious approach to the breakup. The All-American Rejects truly bring passion to this growing up song.
  4. Britney Spears "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman" This song is appropriate for teenage females, expressing the awkward gap between childhood and adulthood. This song is about maturing and growing wiser. It is one of Britney's most meaningful songs, that stands strong as one of the 10 best classic teenager growing up songs ever.
  5. Sonic Youth, "Teen Age Riot" Played on numerous rock stations after its release, the song is about a teenage fantasy where J. Mascis would be president.  A truly creative and artistic song, it is great to listen to and certainly one of the most powerful teenager growing up songs to be written.
  6. Cristina Aguilera "Reflection" This song became famous with the Disney Mulan soundtrack. This moving songs expresses the process of self-awareness and discovering ones identity. A great song for teens, the song beautifully captures teenage emotion and growth.
  7. Kinks "Come Dancing" This British 80's band sings in a style similar to modern Belle and Sebastian. The song expresses teenagers' coping with changing environments and social situations. It truly is one of the 10 best teenage growing up songs in history.
  8. The Undertones "Teenage Kicks" This song has been popular since its debut in 1978. The song was extremely popular (once played twice on a radio show) and extremely well-critiqued. The song expresses the teenage process of coping with love and crushes.
  9. Muse "Screenager" A somewhat dark and slow song, this eerie song expresses particularly moving lyrics. The deep analysis about a beautiful individual, who hides in a facade. A truly great song about growing up in a twisted social/aesthetic environment, it is one Muse's best songs. The intriguing beat leaves the listener expecting screamo that never comes.
  10. Tilly and the Wall "Nights of the Living Dead" This song is one of the most unique and honest songs about teenagers growing up. The lyrics discuss the queerness, weirdness, and unique behavior of rebellious teenagers. Great for any teenager to listen to, it is definitely one of the 10 best classic teenage growing up songs.
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