10 Clear Liquid Diet Foods

If you're trying to do the best for your body, you need to know about 10 clear liquid diet foods. Clear liquid diets can be especially harsh since they essentially boil down to sustaining the body until it can eat more wholesome foods. While they may not be perfect, the following clear liquid diet foods will make the entire process of putting oneself on a liquid diet at least a bit more bearable. These clear liquid diet foods will help you get better in no time!

  1. Mild tea. If you need something to get your caffeine fix, then this is one of the best clear liquid diet foods. While you shouldn't be adding any milk or sugar to it, you are sure to find a flavor of mild tea that appeals to you. This is especially one of the best ways to start your day.
  2. Clear sports drinks. The same stuff you use to replenish your electrolytes after a hard work out are considered some of the best clear liquid diet foods. There are many varieties, so it's easy to find some kind of diversity and not get bored of this option. Of course, you're going to want to balance this out with different selections.
  3. Clear juices. One of the sweetest options on this list, clear fruit juices are considered some of the most basic clear liquid diet foods. As the moniker implies, you should be able to see through them, so tend towards apple, cranberry, or grape juice. In turn, try to avoid orange or similar types of juice.
  4. Honey. If you've got a sweet tooth, then this clear liquid diet food is for you. Of course, like anything sweet, this should be taken in moderation, especially since you don't want to overdose on sugars during this process. Still, this is definitely one of the most palatable foods on this list.
  5. Plain popsicles. This one might be a little harder to find, since you need to avoid any and all popsicles with any fiber or pureed fruit in them. Still, they're one of the best clear liquid diet foods since they give you the facsimile of eating solid food while giving you something sweet.
  6. Clear broth. This is one of the best clear liquid diet foods since it can be rather flavorful, if you find the right stuff. These are usually saved for meal times, since they're a bit more substantial than what you'd find in terms of nutritional value on the rest of the list. That being said, eating only this won't last you an entire day, so be sure to supplement it with something else.
  7. Hard candy. Finally, all of that hard candy you got from grandma will pay off. These are great because you can keep them in your mouth and suck on them, giving your body the illusion of not being hungry over long periods of time. Plus, these will definitely pack a flavorful punch.
  8. Herbs and mild seasonings. While these certainly don't count as food on their own, they are an important part of clear liquid diet foods since they help accentuate the meals you're having. Make that broth a little bit better with some basil, or spice up some of your juices with some light cinnamon. Either way, these can be a life-saver when you're in the midst of a clear liquid diet.
  9. Jell-O. Bill Cosby was right in making you eat this stuff. Luckily, it's got plenty of flavor, making it an easy addition to this list. If you want, you could also just drink the liquid for the same effect of eating its solid form.
  10. Water. The staple clear liquid. Water is great because it's a neutral flavor, helping you stomach the other things you'll be eating. Plus, you can have either plain, mineral, or even sparkling water!
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