10 Clever Facebook Status Quotes

These 10 clever Facebook status quotes can make you more popular on Facebook. Everyone wants to be the most popular person on Facebook—that’s a given. To help you along on your climb up the social ladder, here are some Facebook statuses to try out.

  1. “This dog, is dog, a dog ,good dog, way dog ,2 dog, keep dog, an dog, idiot dog, busy dog, 4 dog, 30 dog, seconds dog. Now read without the word dog” This quote will get people commenting on your page in no time at all.
  2. “What do I do when I see someone EXTREMELY GORGEOUS? I stare, I smile & when I get tired, I put the mirror down.” That one might be a little vain, but then again who isn’t?
  3. “Sometimes I just want to run up to a stranger on the street and say "YOU'RE IT!!" and then run away.” Some of the people on Facebook are as random as their quotes and this one's really out there. If you put that one as your status you might get people running up to you saying “YOU’RE IT.
  4. “One day Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube will combine to make the most time consuming website known to mankind. We'll call it YOU TWIT FACE!” With all the social networking sites out there it was just a matter of time before a hilarious mash-up like this would come out of them. Point this out on your status and get some comments your way!
  5.  “Facebook is the only place where it’s acceptable to talk to a wall.” All the sites have their own lingo and this quote brings it out on Facebook. This clever status quote is sure to give some sarcastic comments on your wall.
  6.  “…is wondering if you can grow marijuana on Farmville then sell it on Mafia Wars.” The games on Facebook can be very addicting and if you’re a gamer you will enjoy this quote. Careful who sees this; it may get you some trouble from an unruly aunt!
  7. “I looked at the keyboard earlier and I noticed 'U' & 'I' are together, it's meant to be! Then I looked underneath it & it said JK.” If you want to be cute to the girls then this might be the clever Facebook status you have been looking for!
  8. “Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.” Be thoughtful in your Facebook quotes and lead people to a good way of thinking for today. It’s always nice to leave people with the hope that they have the power to complete biblical projects.
  9. “…is wondering what the person who discovered milk was doing with the cow.” If you just want to be weird and quirky here is a quote for you. Hilarious as it sounds, this clever Facebook quote might get you some weird comments from your friends.
  10. “[play icon] PlayTheMoments [pause icon] PauseTheMemories [stop icon] StopThePain [rewind icon] RewindTheHappiness” This clever Facebook Status quote will pull the heart strings of your friends for sure. Just make sure you insert the icon images before each phrase to get the full effect, which we unfortunately can't do here.
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