10 College Apartment Decorating Ideas For Men

The male college apartment is notorious for being tiny, filthy, and wonderful and here are 10 college apartment decorating ideas for men. It is probably the first time in your life that you are living on your own or with friends, so you want to make it your own. Before you go hog-wild, be sure to read up on this list.

  1. Decide on a theme. Before you get crazy at the local furniture store or Home Depot, first decide what "theme" you want for your apartment. Decide on the colors you'd like, but try to stick to three or four. Would you like an edgy, modern, laid back, or country living style? Write these decisions down to help you while you shop. This is the fundamentals of all college apartment decorating ideas for men.
  2. Get some art. No, you don't have to worry about displaying a sensitive side if you don't want to. Find art that suits your tastes and chosen theme, such as framed band posters in an edgy apartment. You can even opt for framing photo prints of you an your friends to hang up. Anything to break up those bare and boring walls!                  
  3. Find furniture. You're going to need someplace to sit, sleep, and eat. look for large, comfy couches and chairs, a tidy little table, and a luxurious but simple bed. Be sure the colors and design fit with the rest of the decor.
  4. Find ways to save space. Most college apartments on an the far side of small, so you probably won't have as much space as you'd like. Maximize what little you do have by using furniture and decor with double uses. A night stand with shelves, and coffee table with drawers, or even stackable furniture are great places to start.
  5. Add some light. Obviously your apartment has lights of its own, but it never hurts to add some more. Lamps that fit in with your theme double as decor and exclusive lighting. Consider reading lamps and bedside lamps. This is a commonly missed college apartment decorating ideas for men.
  6. Display your obsessions. Do you have dozens of movie action figures or every merchandise item put out by a certain sports team? Don't be afraid to display them in your apartment. Just space the collection throughout your place.
  7. Consider rugs. Rugs are another type of apartment decor that can pull double duty. Not only do they add to your apartment's overall look, they protect your carpet from drunken frat boys. Ensure you get that deposit back and make your apartment look awesome!
  8. Spruce up the kitchen. It is a fair assumption that a bachelor pad is going to have a horrifying kitchen. Clean it up and add some snazzy glassware to surprise that special someone with. Heck, you may even want to show her you can cook!
  9. Don't forget the outdoors. If your apartment has a front or back porch, add some patio furniture. To be clear, patio furniture includes a nice small table and light or even fold-up chairs. It does not include a 40 year old decrepit couch!
  10. Keep it clean. While you don't have to spend hours scrubbing everyday, do try to keep your apartment free of clutter, dirty clothes, and smell. This will add the illusion of space, and prompt visitors to actually come back.

Following these simple college apartment decorating ideas for men can have your apartment styling in no time. What you choose to do from there is up to you! Just be sure not to revert back to that "typical" bachelor pad decor.

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