10 Contemporary Living Room Decor Tips

Looking for 10 contemporary living room decor tips? Want to weave comfort and modern chic into your living room decorating? Achieving a modern look through the right upholstery, furniture style and fabric, colors, art and lighting is not only easy but rewarding. Your living room will imbue you with a sense of cleanliness, efficiency and sophistication, along with  a desire to spend quality time there, reading or sipping wine with friends. Here are some contemporary living room decor tips to spark you decorating imagination.

  1. Contemporary room hues. Contemporary living room decor should float against a palette of unpretentious hues. Paint your walls in pale earth tones. Keep window casings and floor molding in white. Paint your ceiling a slightly darker shade than your walls to create a chic lid over your contemporary decor.
  2. Contemporary furniture hues. Set against the pale palette of the room, contemporary furniture takes center stage. Choose your favorite color as the palette of your furniture but do not blend hues. Select a single color for the furniture, then repeat the wall and ceiling colors in any accent pillows. Keep only the furniture you really need and spread it apart to create a roomy feel.
  3. Contemporary furniture fabric. If new furniture is outside your budget, look for contemporary furniture in closeouts, or give your old furniture a facelift with faux leather slipcovers.
  4. Contemporary window treatments. Contemporary living room decor imbues windows with a soft appeal. Choose white or sand colored roman shades or pale bamboo blinds. Do not add curtains to your windows, though you can enhance the appeal of your contemporary window treatments by draping gauzy, matching shawls across the top of each blind.
  5. Contemporary living room rugs. In contemporary living room decor a rug plays the part of a pond on which your living room floats. Select a darker shade of the same palette you used for your walls, trading sand for taupe or eggshell for caramel.
  6. Contemporary eclectic style. Contemporary living room decor is reflective of a time when rules are abandoned in favor of imagination and innovation. To give your contemporary living room a chic flare, look for objects that embody tradition but in a fresh way, like whimsical clocks, wrought iron coffee tables, tiffany lamps on modern pedestals.
  7. Contemporary living room lighting. Contemporary living room decor looks best in transient light. Install modern light fixtures on the ceiling and add a dimmer to the light switch. In this way, the light in your home can change to match outdoor natural light, never over-powering it.
  8. Contemporary living room art. Contemporary living room decor relies heavily on art. Choose paintings that look at life in a fresh way, like portraits in sharp tones or landscapes siphoned through the eye of the artist. Introduce a different color scheme from that of your furniture, to enhance the impact of your contemporary living room art.
  9. Contemporary living room atmosphere. Enhance the beauty of your contemporary living room decor with water fountains that fill the air with the soothing sound of falling water. Select water fountains made of earthy elements like rocks or slate, or add a whimsical element to your contemporary living room decor with the figures of carved animals or mythical beings.
  10. Contemporary living room fire. Tamed fire enhances the beauty and atmosphere of contemporary living room decor. For a hearth, choose a wrought iron fireplace screen that will not conceal the flames. Place candelabras on the mantelpiece and floating tea light candles in a porcelain bowl atop the living room table.

Contemporary living room decorating requires only that the palette of the room be pale, and the hues of your furniture and art be distinct from one another. You can weave a million combinations within these guidelines, but remember to place emphasis on the creative spirit and keep your furniture sparse and comfortable. Overcrowding which is common in traditional decor stands in contrast with the contemporary, utilitarian look at life. After all, this is the age of inventions and practicality.

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