10 Controversial Love Scenes

Our whole world is full of dissent, so it should come as no shock that said controversy shows up in our entertainment, and 10 controversial love scenes in film are hardly a drop in the cinematic ocean. Before we begin, though, please know that we’re incorporating love, sex and abuse themes in this list – trust us, if we adhered stringently to love scenes, there’d be no list. Here are our picks for the scenes that will make your jaw drop (and possibly make your penis hard, depending on your tastes).

  1. “A Clockwork Orange” (1971). Gotta talk about Kubrick on any checklist of  film elements. While it might not be too big of a deal now, the rape scene elicited more than a few gasps when it was released and was actually originally stamped with an X rating.
  2. “Pink Flamingos” (1972). Sex with chickens is what earns Pink Flamingos a spot on this list. And the amusing part is this is not deemed the most contentious part of this screenplay. Nothing riles up a crowd like some bestiality scenes…or, in this case, near-bestiality. "Howard the Duck," however, did not live up to the same standards; he was too cutesy for his sexy time to be taken seriously.
  3. “The Last Temptation Of Christ” (1988). With Willem Dafoe starring as Jesus, how ever could this movie take an immoral turn? Perhaps it was the moment where Jesus began screwing Mary. This one infuriated a lot of religious zealots, to the point where the devout viewers were launching Molotov cocktails at the movie screen. Apparently, there weren’t sufficient fireworks in the sex scenes to slake their hunger for visual impiety.
  4. “Visitor Q” (2001). Perverse Asian director Takashi Miike does not disappoint in this unsettling little flick. Though touted as a comedy, this motion picture is chock full of odd sexual things, including a lactation fetish and necrophilia. Yummy. Known not for a single sinful visual, but several questionable scenes. The more, the merrier.
  5. “Irreversible” (2002). A violent rape scene lasting almost ten minutes. Do we need to explain our logic for admitting this title any further?
  6. “Oldboy” (2003). After the main character, Oh Dae-Su, was locked in a room for 15 years, he gets out and eventually bangs a hot young woman. But he doesn’t find out until later that the woman is his now-grown daughter. Oopsie.
  7. “Brokeback Mountain” (2005). This was a first in film history: an overt homosexual love affair between two men. Boy, everyone had their panties in a wad over this; nothing like a little Donne Darko on Joker action, yeah? The kicker is, by gay standards, the intimate scenes were pretty tame. So, naturally, everyone was just being a bunch of petulant little milksops. But this one is perhaps one of the only actual love scenes on this whole list.
  8. “Hounddog” (2007). Child star Dakota Fanning, in all her precocious, child-like glory, stars as a pre-teen, southern Elvis fan bent on seeing The King in concert. She also ends up getting raped by the horny teen milkman who promises her a ticket to the concert. She never ends up going to it either.
  9. “Antichrist” (2009). “Love scenes” usually is interpreted as “sex scenes,” and Antichrist is no exception. In this case, it wasn’t the love itself that was bad, but what happened elsewhere while the adults did the thing where they get naked and swing their junk around. A couple people were too busy having kinky monkey sex to notice their child get out of his crib and eventually get killed.
  10. “Splice” (2009). A weird sci-fi genetic engineering sort of film, Splice’s controvertible acts involve genetic scientists Clive and Elsa manufacturing Dren, a queer creature amalgamation created with several kinds of DNA (including human). Not only that, but Dren changes gender every so often – as a female, it seduces Clive into screwing its brains out. As a male, it rapes and impregnates Elsa.
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