10 Controversial Movies Scenes

There are many scenes in movies that can rank them as controversial and gain media attention as well as critical fame (or disdain), but it takes an extra special movie to make it into the list of 10 controversial movie scenes for MadeMan. Here’s our list of films you should be on the watch for.

  1. "The Exorcist." It was one thing to cast a 13-year-old in the role of a young girl who gets possessed by a demon, but then to have that girl spew every curse word known to man while defiling herself with a crucifix caused more than a few people to regard this scene as one of the most controversial they had seen in quite a while.
  2. "Deep Throat." It’s the most universally recognized porn film of all time and one of the most profitable. It tells the story of the star (a fictionalized version of Linda Lovelace), who discovers that her clitoris is located in the back of her throat. Virtually every scene in this film is controversial. Later, Lovelace wrote in her memoir that she performed many of the scenes in the movie literally at gunpoint and became a major critic of the adult industry.
  3. "The Evil Dead." Most remember this movie as the beginning of a great B movie career for its star, Bruce Campbell, but not everyone remembers that the film almost got an X rating by the movie review board of controversial scenes like the one where a character is raped by a demon-possessed tree. As of this day, the movie is still banned in Germany.
  4. "Midnight Cowboy." It stands as the first film to get an X rating and still win an Oscar for Best Picture (1970). The controversial scene in the movie that garnered this featured Jon Voight’s character getting raped as he begins a romantic relationship with a girl in his hometown. Two years after the film’s release, the movie review board later changed the film’s rating to an R without editing or removing a single scene.  
  5. "Faces of Death." This fake documentary is filmed with so many controversial scenes, it’s hard to know where to start. Essentially, the movie chronicles the death of several people and animals to give the viewer the idea of what death looks like. The movie has since spawned several sequels.
  6. "Cannibal Holocaust." Considered by some critics to be the most controversial movie ever made, it tells the story of a documentary film crew who go looking for another crew who went into the jungles of South America to film the habits of a tribe of human cannibals, only to turn ultra-violent themselves. Some of the scenes were so real that the director was brought up on charges in Italy for murder when people thought the actual actors had been killed on camera.
  7. "The Human Centipede." The most recent entry on the list is also one of the grossest. The controversial scene in this movie is its very premise. It’s the loving tale of a mad scientist who surgically attaches three people ass to mouth in order to literally create a human centipede.
  8. "Caligula." Legendary film critic Roger Ebert called this controversial movie the worst film he has ever seen. The controversial aspect of this movie had to do with the hardcore sex scenes that director Bob Guccione insisted be inserted into the film against the wishes of his starring cast and original writer. It still stands as the most commercially successful independent film ever made.           
  9. "Twilight Zone: The Movie." Based on the hit TV series, what made this movie controversial was what also made it tragic. One of the stars of the movie, Vic Morrow, was killed along with two other actors (Renee Chen and My-ca Dinh Le), when a Vietnam War sequence went horribly wrong.   
  10. "The Brown Bunny." Pretty much the only thing that anyone knows this movie for is because of the controversial scene where star, Chloë Sevigny, blows the male lead (and director) Vincent Gallo at the end of the film. There is absolutely no other reason to watch it.
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