10 Controversial Scenes In Movies About Coming Of Age

There are probably 10 controversial scenes in movies about coming of age every year in the movies. Hollywood loves this subject because, well, young people are coming of age every year, and for each new class, it's all new. And while most of these films are a little predictable, there are still some scenes more controversial than others. Let's consider some of these controversial movie scenes.

  1. "The Girl and the Echo" — In this film, a 12-year-old girl skinny dips a few times. Her backside can clearly be seen on screen. These controversial scenes are certainly not Disney-approved material.
  2. "Pretty Baby" — In this one, Brooke Shields plays the 12-year-old-old prostitute, Violet. What's the deal with 12-year-olds, by the way? Prostitution, in and of itself, is controversial. But when it involves a pre-teen, then you're really pushing boundaries.
  3. "Madicken" — This film has a lot of nude little girls in it. Coming of age requires becoming the age to act like a grown-up. These scenes are controversial, because the girls aren't really old enough to act like women yet.
  4. "Forbudt For Børn" — If you think nude 12-year-old girls is controversial, this film has nude 11-year-olds. Not only are they nude, but they're in the shower. This is just wrong on so many levels.
  5. "Maladolescenza" — It's one thing to have a number of half-dressed children on-screen, but when you include adults messing around with these young ones-which range from 11 to 17 years old in this film-you're turning controversial scenes into extremely controversial scenes.
  6. "Stand by Me" — This Rob Reiner-directed film doesn't have controversial sex scenes. However, it does contain scenes where young boys discover a dead body. That will make you grow up real fast.
  7. "Old Yeller" — This western is about a boy and his dog. It's also about a boy's love for his dog. Sadly, the boy is forced to kill the one he loves best, his dog.
  8. "The Last Picture Show" — There isn't one particular scene in this film that stands out. Instead, there are a series of scenes featuring unmotivated teens. It's not as controversial as sex, perhaps, but nevertheless, it's unflattering to a generation.
  9. "To Sir With Love" — This excellent Sidney Poitier vehicle is controversial in that it forces young people to confront racism while coming of age. In addition to its great theme song, this is a fine relatively-modern period piece. It'll make you think.
  10. "Breaking Away" — The scenes where the character of Dave pretends to be an Italian exchange student aren't exactly shocking. But, the fantasy life he lives pushes the boundaries of reality. He comes of age, but in his own way.
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