10 Conversation Starters For Couples

Here are 10 conversation starters for couple. You've finally got your foot in the door with that hot neighbor, barista or, hey, even meter maid you've been eyeing for weeks and the two of you need a few conversation starters for couples. She's agreed to date you. Now you just need to avoid putting your foot in your mouth. You'll need some interesting things to talk about to impress this woman or at least not make her suspect you may be a serial killer. 

  1. Ask her about her day. This one's a no-brainer. Not only does asking your date about her day demonstrate that you are thoughtful and caring, it also invites her to begin the conversation talking about whatever is on her mind. 
  2. Ask about her favorite foods. Everyone likes to talk about food. This conversation starter gives you an opportunity to ask her to join you on another date for her favorite meal.
  3. Tell her about a new book you picked up. Women admire a man who reads just for fun. This conversation starter should lead to a talk about books she's read and her taste in literature in general. 
  4. Ask her if she has any pets. If she has a dog in her apartment you've probably already heard about it. Family pets are a great conversation starter, though. Most people love to talk about their animals and asking her about family pets is less intrusive than asking about her family. 
  5. Tell her a funny story about your friends. Prepare a story in advance if you need to. Don't tell her a potentially offensive story about how one of your friends got arrested in a strip club. Try to come up with an anecdote that will make her laugh and want to meet your buddies.
  6. Ask for her advice. Start a conversation about clothing or your hair and ask her for her opinion. This will make her feel like you admire her style and care about what she thinks.
  7. Tell her about your last trip. This is an especially good conversation starter if you went somewhere exotic. Don't brag, but talk to her about things you saw or food you tried. 
  8. Ask her where she would like to go. Lots of women dream of traveling, so chances are she's already thought about places she'd like to visit. She'll feel comfortable talking to you about where she wants to visit and why. 
  9. Tell her about your hobby. She's interested in learning more about you and it's easy for you to talk about what you love doing. Don't go on and on until she's bored to death, but tell her about your upcoming concert or basketball game. She probably is hoping you'll invite her. 
  10. Ask her about her job. She probably spends most of her day at work so she'll have lots to talk about. Let her know that you're interested in her work, especially if she's very career-oriented. If it seems like her job is stressing her out and she doesn't seem to want to talk about it, change the subject. 
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