10 Cool Acoustic Guitar Songs

 Here is a list of the 10 cool acoustic guitar songs. They will always be remembered for their strong guitar riffs.  The fact that the groups decided to do something different by moving to an acoustic song made these cool acoustic guitar songs memorable.  

  1. "Cute Without the E": Taking Back Sunday made a hit with this song and was able to transform it into a great acoustic track.  This has allowed for their song to have a whole new life and reach audiences they did not think they would have before.
  2. "Mexico":  Incubus put out an amazing album called “Morning View”.  This track was an interesting all acoustic song.  As soon as they played it, their fans loved it.
  3. "Wonderwall":  Oasis put out one of the most beautiful love songs with this track.  This is a storied love song that many fans will be singing to their significant others for years to come.  Playing this amazing acoustic song will bring the two people even closer.
  4. "Play Crack the Sky":  Brand New is a band that has a cult following and sells out concerts within a half hour of opening ticket sales.  When they put out this acoustic song, their fans hung onto every word.
  5. "I Felt Free":  Circa Survive is a band that gained recognition for their experimental take on music.  This track, when played acoustically, puts more emotion to the words and can reach the hearts of fans.
  6. "Comin’ Home":  City and Colour is a band that most do not know but they truly should.  This song is a heartfelt acoustic song.
  7. "Like a Stone":  Audioslave created a strong track.  When Chris Cornell gets a chance to play it acoustically, then fans really know the intimacy of this song.  It is a song that any person can appreciate.
  8. "Wasted Years":  Cold is a band that seemed like a one hit wonder but those that kept up with them know they have many great songs.  Wasted Years is a strong acoustic song that will have you putting it on repeat over and over.
  9. "The Light and Glass":  Coheed and Cambria is an experimental band noted for their singer who uses his falsetto to make their songs unique.  This acoustic song is one that needs to be discovered by people.
  10. "What You Want":  John Butler Trio is a band that uses the jam band sound and puts a new spin on it.  This track uses the acoustic guitar with a slide and is a song that if you like other jam bands you need to listen to.


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