10 Cool Acoustic Songs

Want to play 10 cool acoustic songs to impress your friends?  These songs will bring a feeling of nostalgia but will do the job that all acoustic songs are supposed to do put everyone in a relaxing mood.

  1. “Yesterday”:  The Beatles revolutionized the history of music with this song.  The way the acoustic guitar is backed up by a string quartet was something that makes this song memorable not only because it was the first time this happened in popular music but also because of the soothing guitar sound that they have playing.
  2. “Patience”:  Guns ‘n Roses took a small break from rocking out after their huge success with "Appetite For Destruction".  In this break they delved into a softer side and put out an acoustic and live record.  Patience came from this GNR brainchild.
  3. “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)”:  One of the most played acoustic tracks from Green Day.  It can be heard at graduation parties all the way to the soft rock channel on your AM/FM radio.
  4. “Babylon”:  David Gray made a hit that will live on for a long time with this acoustic song.  It is cool because of his strong and interesting vocals are placed upon a slow but building acoustic song.
  5. “Drive”:  Incubus made it with this single.  It was played coast to coast on the airwaves and put the group in the forefront of people’s minds.  They have changed this song over and over and the acoustic guitar makes this a soothing but remember able song.
  6. “Crash”:  Dave Matthews Band created one of their most played songs when they put out the album of the same title.  This cool acoustic song will have every teenager thinking about the love in their life.
  7. “Flying Horses”:  Dispatch the historic band created a gem to be remembered when it comes to cool guitar rock songs.  This song makes the audience want to learn how to play the guitar and never put their acoustic away.
  8. “All Apologies”:  Nirvana signature sound sprung a whole group of growling, screaming teenagers that sing their hearts out to this day.  This song off of their unplugged set in New York has Nirvana fans realizing the musical depth to this band.
  9. “Why Georgia”:  John Mayer took his strong blues influenced playing style and decided to put it away for a slight second and create a pop song that has such a beautiful acoustic guitar single noted beginning.  The songs then moves to a chord progression that has the audience realizing that the backing of his acoustic brings the song to life.
  10. "Outside":  Staind was put on the map with this acoustic track.  When it was performed live with Aaron Lewis and Fred Durst rock fans everywhere knew who Staind were.


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