10 Cool Date Ideas: Denver

These 10 cool date ideas in Denver will give you and your date a Rocky Mountain high. Denver is a cool place to begin with. Finding ten cool date places is simple really.

  1. CubaCuba Club: This is a cool Denver date location. This eatery offers exotic foods in and great atmosphere with a superb wait staff. You cannot go wrong at this club. Cuba Cuba Club located at 1173 Delaware Street, Denver, CO. 80002 303-605-2822
  2. The Impulse Theatre: Offers unstoppable laughter and good times. This cool out of the way date location is a paradise for laughs and great company. The Impulse Theatre: 835 Wynkoop Street, Denver, CO. 80006 303-297-2111
  3. The Denver Center for the Performing Arts:Offers a cool dating idea for those with a touch of class. Take in a Broadway type show and see how the other half lives. The Denver Center for the Performing Arts: 17 East Colfax Ave, Denver, CO. 80010 303-377-1666
  4. Effervescent La Rumba: This is a great place to kick up your heels and enjoy your date. Salsa dancing galore without inhibitions or worries about being the best. With a wide-open dance floor there is fun for all. Effervescent La Rumba: 99 West 9th Avenue, Denver, CO. 80002 303-572-8006
  5. The Cruise Room: Partake in a drink and some cool nostalgia on this Denver date. The Cruise Room is the first bar in Denver and offers the best of Colorado. The Cruise Room: 1600 17th Street, Denver, CO. 80006 303-825-1107
  6. Georgetown, Colorado: About 42 miles from Denver, Georgetown offers a quaint Victorian style town to enjoy your date. This is a unique and beautiful location with all sorts of cool things to do.
  7. Mount Evans: 50 miles outside of Denver, Mount Evans is the States highest peak. This is a cool day trip date with a scenic view unrivaled in Colorado. Take a trip with your date and pack a lunch for a beautiful picnic in the clouds.
  8. Cherry Creek North: A relaxing atmosphere with cool shops and sidewalk cafes. This is a wonderful date idea for those wanting to get cozy or just spend some time together window-shopping. Cherry Creek North: 3000 E. Third Avenue, Cherry Creek, CO. 80011 303-355-7671
  9. Take in a Festival: Being a large city, Denver offers a diverse and large performing arts venue. Check the calendar for some cool dating ideals filled with art and class. These opportunities are available year around.
  10. Art District on Santa Fe: A wonderful date spot in Denver. Offering a wide variety of art from traditional, classical to modern and the eats in this area are exquisite. A super idea for a cool date. Art District on Santa Fe 930 Inca Street, Denver, CO. 80004 303-292-3455
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