10 Cool Free iPhone Apps

These 10 cool, free iPhone apps can make life easier and fun. The iPhone has been one of the most influential pieces of technology created. It allows for a variety of interesting and useful apps to be added to a phone's functionality. If you are looking for a reason to justify your pricey iPhone, these ten free apps can help to put your conscience at ease:

  1. Stanley Bostitch Level This handy app can be used to do just about any odd job around the house. You can use it to hang a picture or make sure the washing machine is level. Since your phone is always in your pocket, you don't have to go looking for that six-inch level you know you have in your basement somewhere.
  2. RedLaser When going holiday shopping, many people spend time comparison shopping to get the best deal. RedLaser does that for you. By scanning the barcode of any product, it will do an internet search to see if it can find a better price. This cuts down any type of shopping down to a more manageable timeframe.
  3. MapQuest Free While the iPhone comes stocked with Google Maps, MapQuest Free adds voice navigation to the mix. It essentially makes your phone a GPS unit without having to spend the extra $200. It functions well, stays up to date and even flips the map the right way while driving!
  4. Pandora This radio app allows you to bring Pandora with you wherever you go. You can use it when you just don't feel like listening to Lady Gaga or you want a different genre of music than what's on your playlist. Be careful if you don't have an unlimited data plan, though. It eats it up data like no tomorrow.
  5. Google Although the email app provided on the phone will sync your Gmail with the phone, the Google app lets you access almost all of the services Google provides. You will have access to you calendar, Google docs, Gmail and more. This makes your phone twice as smart!
  6. PayPal This app has come in useful a couple of times. If someone wants to pay with a credit card at an art show, they usually get turned away. If you have the PayPal app and the buyer has an account, they can use it to receive their payment. It also allows you to complete other transactions, such as eBay payments or pay another PayPal iPhone app user by bumping phones.
  7. Fandango When looking for a movie at home, many jump onto Fandango on their internet browsers and find a movie and a time. If you are out and want to see a movie, you can do the same thing with this app! It allows you to find the closest theaters, select a movie and buy tickets.
  8. RunPee After you have found your movie, you buy that huge popcorn and drink. About 30 minutes in, you really need to go, but you do not want to miss anything important or that huge explosion. RunPee tells you the best time to go to the restroom with cue lines so you know when to get up and go. It also provides you with a synopsis of what you miss, so that you don't get lost on the plot.
  9. Waitlist Finding a quick restaurant can be difficult unless you use Waitlist. Waitlist tells you how long you are going to have to sit before you get a table at any local eateries. If you are on a time crunch, you can check out the place that will give you decent eats without a wait.
  10. Epicurious Turning your iPhone into a cookbook is as easy as downloading Epicurious. It allows you to find recipes by ingredients, meals, cuisine and course… almost anything! It also gives you a shopping list for those recipes, making it easy to find the ingredients that you need for the perfect meal.



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