10 Cool French Songs Of The 90’s

Get into an international groove with these 10 cool French songs of the 90’s. It was a generation of French hip-hop, rap, and pop. With such a wide variety of styles, there will surely be a hit that will have your head bobbing and your feet moving. 

  1. “Parisien du Nord.” Unique for its blend of Algerian and French lyrics, this song by Cheb Mami and rapper K-Mel became a 90’s classic. Cheb Mami took Algerian Raï music and made it eternally cool with this hit.
  2. “Demain C’est Loin.” The notorious IAM made it to the magic number of one million with the release of their album “L’École du Micro d’Argent” in which this song made headlines. It’s now recognized as one of the best French songs ever in the genre of rap and was notorious for being a whopping 10 minutes long.
  3. “1993…J’appuie Sur la Gâchette.” Suprême NTM was one of the most intense groups of the 90’s, known for their violent lyrics and criticism of the police, racism, and inequality, and this song is not an exception. Many French programs censored this song, which spoke of the serious theme of suicide.
  4. “Bouge de Là.” From MC Solaar’s first album came his first single, which made the French rapper an overnight success. It has ties to a song of the 70’s by Cymande, an funk band from London.
  5. “Sacrifice de Poulet.” Ministère AMER stirred up some controversy with this 90’s track. Charles Pasqua, a French Minister, sued the group for its harsh lyrics but he was unsuccessful in getting their discs banned.
  6. “Tout le Monde.” Zazie celebrated the multitude of ethnicities in the world through this song. She rejoices in how “everyone’s beautiful” and proceeds to sing through a list of international names to make her case.
  7. “Juste Quelqu-un de Bien.” In 1994, Enzo Enzo brought us even further back in time with a song reminiscent of the 50’s. It’s a profound tale told through music, investigating life’s purpose.
  8. “La Foule Sentimentale.” Even though he was already famous for his career in film, Alain Souchon continued to woo the French masses with his beautiful voice. In this song, he wanted to make us conscious of the media’s affect on our minds.
  9. “Léa.” The band Louise Attaque released this big hit from their first album in 1997. Gaëtan Roussel takes the lead and artistically describes a lady from Paris in full detail.
  10. “Désenchantée.” Myléne Farmer is one of the most successful French artists of all time and it all started with this hot single. She showed off a cool new image and attitude in the video for this song in the early 90’s.
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