10 Cool Rap Lyrics For Facebook Status

Instead of doing a random Facebook status about what you did this morning, trying posting a status off of the 10 cool rap lyrics for Facebook status. A status is a way to make a statement to the world and what better way than with the words of today’s most beloved rappers?

  1. “God show me the way, because the Devil is trying to break me down” Kanye West’s song “Jesus Walks” is a great way to show off a spiritual side without getting too goopy or emotional. He speaks from his soul while staying true to the core concepts of wrap songs.
  2. "Life is such a roller coaster, then it drops, but what should I scream for, this is my theme park."-Lil Wayne rapped this line as a guest rapper on Drake’s song “Forever”, and the words scream dominance in a world you create for yourself. He isn't letting anyone hold him back, and neither is the guy who posts this on his Facebook.
  3. “Drag my name through the mid, I come out clean” Lil Wayne raps in his own song “Gossip” basically saying it doesn’t matter what people say because words don’t matter. Anyone who believes "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me: could use this song as an accurate representation of their philosophy.
  4. "Just a picture perfect day that lasts the whole time and it never ends cause all we have to do is hit remind."Jay Z reminds the world that the past is never that far away in his song “Forever Young”. Its an old school song with a fresh Jay-Z twist.
  5. “You ever love somebody so much you can barely breathe when you’re with them. You meet and neither one of you even know what hit em’” Although Eminem’s song “Love the Way You Lie” is about an abusive relationship, this line from the song demonstrates an intense feeling of passion. It demonstrates being unbelievably in love.
  6. “I cool you’re a** down if you think you’re hot sh**” Lil Wayne makes is back on the list again with his song “Got Money” which throws a reality check on cocky people. Its like a slap in the face without being rude yourself.
  7. "Too hard for MTV, not black enough for BET, just let me be…" On this, The Lox's song featuring Jadakiss, "Recognize," Jadakiss talks about wanting to be understood and living life without saying it in a whiny way. This lyric tells people to back off and let you do what you're gonna do.
  8. “My style can't be duplicated or recycled.-Missy Elliot’s opening line in “We Run This” lays the expectations down, and anyone who posts this as their status shows off their individuality. It's got a different tempo them most rap songs, and will set you apart.
  9. "I'm on the pursuit of happiness and I know everything that shine ain't always gonna be gold."– Kid Cudi rapped this in “Pursuit of Happiness” and shows that goals mean hard work and its worth it to some.
  10. "You can pay for school but you cant buy class."-Jay Z gives what may be the best lone of all time when he stepped in on T.I.'s song “Swagga Like Us”. No other lyric can stand up against this one.
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