10 Cool Ringtone Songs

Do you want to know what 10 cool ringtone songs are? These 10 cool ringtone songs are a perfect substitute for boring ringtones. These 10 cool ringtones songs are sure to make the even the lousiest phones a little better.

  1. “Mrs. Robinson”. Although released back in 1968, this song, written by Paul Simon, is still a fan favorite. Those wanting nice ring tone can pick up this Simon and Garfunkle classic for some easy listening.
  2. "Four Seasons”. Speaking of classics, why not go all the way and try Vivaldi's "Four Seasons". True, it is a tad long and some parts are mondo boring but the “Spring” portion of this piece makes for a very nice ringtone.
  3. “A Little Less Conversation” If classical music is not to your taste, how about some good old-fashioned rock and roll? “A Little Less Conversation” is a good pick. It is so cool, a nice remix was released in 2001.
  4. “Hard Day's Night”. Stuff from the “Fab Four” are another good choice for cool ringtones. “Hard Day's Night” is an early track from the Beatles that people like to have on their phones.
  5. “Let It Be”. Yet another Beatles tune that is a good choice for a ringtone is "Let It Be". One of their slower pieces, the lyrics and the melody is simply amazing.
  6. “Mama Mia”. From the funky 70s, a nice selection would be any popular material from Abba. For a fun, upbeat tune, people of all ages would probably love to have "Mama Mia" as their ringtone.
  7. "Light My Fire". Do you want something edgier? What about "Light My Fire" by the Doors? The intro is makes for a groovy, fantastic ringtone.
  8. “Walk Like An Egyptian”. From the 80s, the funky "Walk Like an Egyptian" from the Bangles is popular choice. The problem with this cool ringtone is that when your phone rings, half a dozen people might also be reaching for their own cellphones.
  9. “Lose Yourself”. Tired of the oldies? Then how about Lose Yourself by Eminem from the movie 8 Mile. This Academy Award winning hip hop single makes anyone with this ringtone, look much cooler than usual.
  10. “Blame It On The Alcohol”. Another, excellent pick is “Blame It On The Alcohol” by the talented Jamie Foxx. Any ten second clip from any part of the song is good but the chorus is an even better choice.
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