10 Coolest Hockey Jerseys

With the sport of hockey getting so much attention in the 2010 Winter Olympics, hockey sweaters are gaining in popularity, but only a few earn the right of being included on the list of coolest hockey jerseys. Here is a list of the ten best.

  1. Chicago Blackhawks. Whether they are wearing their home reds or their road whites, the Chicago Blackhawks don not only hockey’s coolest jerseys but what are among the classiest uniforms in all of sports. The colorful Indian head serves as the proud logo of a team that has been a part of the National Hockey League since 1927 and has provided hockey fans with such stars as Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita.
  2. Montreal Canadiens. The most successful franchise in NHL history (23 Stanley Cups) is also home to one of the league’s most recognizable jerseys. The Montreal Canadiens have enjoyed their success while proudly wearing one of the coolest jerseys in the NHL—red, white, and blue complete with a classic letter “C” logo that ranks with that of the Yankees’ “NY.”
  3. Detroit Red Wings. Another cool jersey from another classic hockey team, the winged tire logo is a throwback to the days of the great Gordie Howe when the Motor City was the thriving center of the American auto industry. Ravaged by unemployment, the citizens of Detroit turn to the Red Wings, clad in their red and white uniforms, as a source of pride.
  4. Toronto Maple Leafs. Since 1927, Toronto’s hockey team has proudly worn the national symbol of Canada on their sweaters. The maple leaf is centered on both the home blue and road white jerseys of the team that ranks second to the arch-rival Canadiens with 13 Stanley Cups and fourth on our list of coolest hockey jerseys.
  5. Boston Bruins. The Boston Bruins have worn black and gold since the mid-1930s with only minor changes to the uniform. The sweater, which features a block “B” in the middle of a wheel, became one of the coolest jerseys in hockey back in the ‘70s when it was worn by Bobby Orr, the greatest defenseman in NHL history.
  6. New York Rangers. In case you haven’t noticed, the first six spots on this list are occupied by the NHL’s “original six” teams. That’s because you can’t beat the classic look of their jerseys, which have remained virtually the same for more than half a century. The Rangers’ red, white and blue sweaters are beautiful in their simplicity with a diagonal “RANGERS” running top-left to bottom-right, making them among the coolest hockey jerseys of all time.
  7. Calgary Flames. The franchise that moved from Atlanta to Calgary in 1980 wears the appropriately scorching colors of red and gold. But it’s the flaming “C” on the front of their uniforms that puts the Flames on the list of coolest hockey jerseys of all time.
  8. Pittsburgh Penguins. The team Mario Lemieux made famous wears what apparently are the only colors allowed in the city of Pittsburgh. The football Steelers and baseball Pirates share the black and gold worn by the Penguins. The logo of the skating Penguin holding a hockey stick makes the 2009 Stanley Cup champions’ jersey among the NHL’s coolest.
  9. Washington Capitals. The home of our nation’s capital could only wear one set of colors: red, white and blue. The best part of the Washington uniforms is the logo on the front of the jersey which spells out “Capitals” with a hockey stick replacing the letter “t.”
  10. Florida Panthers. A common theme among the teams on this list is the color red, which appears on the uniforms of all but three of them. Florida’s blue, red and gold home sweaters feature a ferocious looking panther with paws up, ready to attack, earning them the final spot on the list of the ten coolest hockey jerseys.
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