10 Coolest Pickups

Are you in the market for a new truck, take a look at this list of the 10 coolest pickups? You can make any pickup one of the coolest pickups on the road by customizing it some of them however are just cool the way they are when you pick them up from the dealership. With that said, our list of the ten coolest pickup trucks consist of only stock pickup trucks. There are no custom pickup trucks on our list of the coolest pickups.

  1. Hummer H1: How could the Hummer H1 not make our list of the coolest pickups. You're driving a military vehicle and frankly, you can run over basically anything on the road with this truck.
  2. Ford Raptor: This truck was designed to go off-roading. With the wide body kit and a lower suspension, this is the ultimate pickup truck.
  3. Dodge Power Wagon: Like the Ford Raptor, this pickup is designed to go off-roading. However, the Raptor is more designed to go off jumps and this truck is designed for more old fashioned off-roading. It's bigger than the Ford Raptor and comes with a hemi motor. What's not to like?
  4. Ford F-650: This truck is basically the size of a semi without the need to have a class A license. You can tow more than a regular pickup and you have a massive cab.
  5. Dodge Ram 1500 SRT: This pickup comes with a Dodge Viper motor. Do we need to say anything more about how cool this pickup is?
  6. Hummer H2: Unlike the Hummer H1, the the H2 pickup is not a military vehicle. However, it is still one cool pickup that can take you where no pickup has gone before.
  7. Hummer H3: Basically a smaller version of the H2, this pickup is cool and gets you better fuel mileage. Since it is a smaller version of the H2, the H3 is easier to park and can fit in most garages.
  8. Cadillac Escalade: This is the most luxurious pickup on the market today. It comes with a navigation system, heated seats, and a Bose stereo standard.
  9. Ford F-450: The F-450 has a suspension system that allows it to haul 26000 pounds. That's better than every pickup here, including the Ford F-650. So if you want a pickup that can haul a lot, then this is the one for you.
  10. International Harvester: Like the Ford F-650, this is a huge pickup about the size of a semi. However, this one costs about twenty grand more than the F-650 and you are basically getting the same truck.

So there you have it, our list of the ten coolest pickups.

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