10 Costa Rica Scuba Diving Tips

Want 10 Costa Rica scuba diving tips? Costa Rica offers a wide variety of inviting, thrilling, and challenging scuba diving sites for even the most novice diver to explore on their Costa Rica scuba diving adventure. To ensure you get exactly the experience you want out of your trip, familiarize yourself with the 10 Costa Rica Scuba Diving Tips.

  1. Know where to dive. Where you do your Costa Rica scuba diving depends on the species you wish to encounter. Costa Rica scuba diving offers the opportunity to observe everything from sea fans to humpback whales. The “ultimate diving spot” in Costa Rica is said to be Isla Del Cano. This tiny island is home to three species of dolphin, 18 species of coral, and 57 species of crustaceans.
  2. Know when to dive. When to dive depends on location. Costa Rica scuba diving can be a year round activity. Costa Rica’s has two distinct seasons. The dry season is November to April providing calmer seas, warmer seawater, and the whale migration, with opportunities to encounter a whale shark, Orca, humpback, or a pilot whale. The rainy or “Green Season,” is May to November. Water temperatures range from 76-80 degrees Fahrenheit, and marine life is abundant and active.
  3. Ask Around. Those who've been diving in Costa Rica are the best source of information. Discuss their experiences, encounters, and recommendations. If they traveled in April and didn’t have a good time, consider booking your Costa Rica scuba diving adventure for another date. If they didn’t like their destination, choose another island for your dive.
  4. Dress for success. Water temperatures for Costa Rica scuba diving remain at fairly warm range – 75 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s important to wear the proper dive suit. Wearing the wrong suit can cause body temperature to fluctuate, affecting heart rate, and breathing, increasing the need for oxygen. A spring suit is recommended for Costa Rica scuba diving.
  5. Take a Picture; it lasts longer. You'll want to document your Costa Rica scuba diving adventure. Disposable underwater cameras help any diver take great diving photos. They are point and shoot, and are great options for occasionally underwater scuba photos. They use pre-loaded 400 speed film, operate from 15 to 35 feet, and are affordable, usually priced from $6.00 to $30.00.
  6. Do A Night Dive. Many species of marine life are only active at night. A great Costa Rica scuba diving tip is to schedule a night dive. Night diving offers a different experience that you'll have during daylight hours. Night dives are more difficult, and have their own set of rules, and safety precautions. Some additional equipment is needed – such as an underwater flashlight.
  7. Safety First. Costa Rica scuba diving is not a sport you can do simply by putting on a scuba suit and jumping in the water. It can be unpredictable, risky, and dangerous. One of the best Costa Rica scuba diving tips is to always put safety first. There are organizations dedicated to the safety and education of divers – such as Divers Alert Network (DAN).
  8. Equalize. Your ears are exposed to pressure when diving in Costa Rica. Not equalizing can cause serious injury. The best Costa Rica scuba diving tip for equalizing the pressure is the “Valsalva maneuver.” Gently blow while pinching your nostrils. This passes air through the Eustachian tube into the middle ear, equalizing pressure in the ear to the water around you. Begin equalizing as soon as your head is underwater, repeating every 3 feet. It’s important that you ascend and abort your dive if you cannot equalize to avoid serious injury.
  9. Follow the Rules. Every country has its own rules, regulations, and guidelines for diving. When on your Costa Rica scuba diving adventure, familiarize yourself with what's acceptable, allowed, and expected of you during all stages of the dive. Failing to do so can result in a fine, injury, or even death.
  10. When it doubt, speak out. When you’re on a Coast Rica scuba diving adventure, speaking up if you’re not sure about something, have a question, or if something is not working properly is a must.



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