10 Country Living Room Decor Tips For Men

What makes these 10 country living room decor tips for men different from ordinary decorating? They put men first, combining the charm and elegance of country living with the masculine sense of purpose and functionality. For, like yesterday’s Lords of English manners, today’s successful men look for a soothing retreat in their living room decor. Follow these 10 country living room decor tips for men to discover what you should include, and even more importantly, what you should exclude when decorating a country living room with a masculine ambiance.

  1. Color palette. Throughout Europe, country living room decor varies in motifs and color. Unlike the French or Tuscan styles, country living room decor tips for men originate with Traditional English country decorating. Dark forest hues blend with rich mahogany or cherry woods to create a masculine atmosphere of sophistication and elegance.
  2. Country fabrics. From rich leather arm chairs to corduroy or velvet sofas, country living room decor for men blends dark upholstery with plush ease, making each item of furniture comfortable enough to languish in for hours reading a good book.
  3. Country furniture. Perhaps the most inflexible of all country living room decor tips for men involves the choice of furniture. All must be made of wood, from bookcases to tables, wall panels to picture frames. And in appreciation of the beauty of wood, no item should be painted but rather stained in deep forest hues.
  4. Country walls. Even the smallest room can seem plush when the walls are paneled with bead board or wainscoting, or when a chair rail splits the wall in half and is duplicated again in the crown molding along the ceiling. A less expensive alternative relies on wallpaper to grace the walls with sophistication that paint alone cannot achieve.
  5. Country decor. Men have always loved the same things, and the best country living room decor tips combine history with these passions. From sail boats to old model cars, globes to ancient maps, antiques with a masculine vein will add unique character to country living room decor.
  6. Country drapes. Rich and heavy, country window treatments seal out the world on demand, and country living room decor tips for men combine this quality with a masculine style, selecting simple drapery in opaque fabrics that will cascade over the windows like nightfall, without lace or curtain tie-backs that complicate matters unnecessarily.
  7. Country rugs. Like the floor of a shady forest, the rugs in a country living room decorated for men set the sitting area apart from the rest of the room, creating a private leisure spot. Like the earth after rain, the richness of a country living room rug is matched only by its softness.
  8. Country lighting. Graceful because it is understated, country living room decor for men relies on scattered spots of light instead of a single illumination on the ceiling. Elegant table lamps wait to be flicked near armchairs and sofas, floor lamps rise beside bookcases. The possibility of light is always there in a country living room decorated for men, but like cloudy English weather, light is always dim.
  9. Country paintings. Though country living room decor tips for men often recommend hunting dogs or country landscapes to ornament the walls, today’s modern men often prefer black and white photography. If selected with an artistic eye and framed in matching mahogany or cherry wood frames throughout, black and white photography can blend well with country living room decor for men.
  10. Country flowers. Though country living room decor tips for men often frown on flowers as too feminine, in fact most men enjoy a beautiful bouquet as much as women, and a large white porcelain vase filled with seasonal flowers will grace the living room table and room as a whole, imbuing the country living room with color and life.

The best country living room decor tips for men combine to create an ambiance of tradition and sophistication, a place apart from the rushing world outside, where a man can sit for a while, think and dream.

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