10 Country Sad Songs 2010

These 10 country sad songs 2010 had to offer are some of the best songs of the year—country or not. Although sad, these songs contain moving lyrics and melodious harmonies that make them unforgettable.

  1. "Ten". In this song Jewel displays the talent which has kept her in the music world for almost a decade. In “Ten”, she discusses the need to maintain perspective when fighting with someone you love.
  2. "Drinking Champagne". Willie Nelson is one of the best country artists of all time, and this song lives up to his traditional brilliant works. “Drinking Champagne” covers the pain of pining for a lost love.
  3. "Consider Me Gone". Reba McEntire is no newbie to the country, and in this song she reminds the world of her ability to perfectly depict the sadness of an ending relationship. “Consider Me Gone” focuses on the moment when one individual realizes that the relationship needs to end.
  4. "Get Off On The Pain". Gary Allan analyzes why it is that an individual will stay in a relationship that only brings sadness. It is a moving song about how the problem is sometimes ourselves.
  5. "If I Die Young". This song emphasizes the need to live life to the fullest. While that in itself isn’t a sad concept, the lyrics The Band Perry used are anything but uplifting. The song’s point is depicted through a mother burying her child.
  6. "The Man I Want to Be". Chris Young’s song portrays the desire of a man to be a better person. Caught in the life of lies he has built and having experienced nothing but heartbreak as a result, he begs for a second chance.
  7. "Temporary Home". Carrie Underwood burst onto the country music scene and never stopped releasing instant hits. “Temporary Home” is another example of the artist’s talent and ability to select songs with moving lyrics. The song follows individuals who are lost in their lives, living in temporary spaces and feeling separated from the world. It is a song that reminds listeners of the importance of remembering less fortunate persons.
  8. "Wrong Baby Wrong Baby Wrong". In this song Martina McBride encourages a brokenhearted friend to keep moving forward in life. While the encouragement is uplifting, the pain that is necessary is extremely sad.
  9. "As She’s Walking Away". The Zac Brown Band song portrays the sadness that can develop from not following your heart. In the song, a man fails to follow a woman he sees and falls in love with across the room. She leaves and he’s left alone once more.
  10. "This Ain’t Nothing". In this song Craig Morgan touches on the sadness that exists in everyday life. A man reflects on the pain he’s felt previously and how it adds to new painful events in one’s life.
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